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In this virtual landscape, the use of smartphones and digital gadgets has skyrocketed over the past decade. Due to the soaring number of online users, businesses have started jumping on the online bandwagon left and right. Effective website design services are the key to having a robust and stand out online presence. 

Website design companies in Dubai have to stay on top of trends to keep their clients informed and provide guidance that will keep the brands fresh and keep their digital identity on the cutting-edge. Refreshing your website design regularly is crucial to communicate to your target that you are an energetic, vital company that stays on top of things. 

Here are some meaningful and top website designing trends to keep you stay ahead of the game.

1. Dark Mode is Gaining the Lead

Dark design is expected to be the upcoming trend this year. The focus is on the UI design to allow users to enable the dark theme. Dark mode themes are trending because they make the design elements pop out, but also because they are great for power saving. For a dynamic design, dark backgrounds have a whimsical effect because they improve the visibility of other accent colors.

2. Immersive 3D Elements Capture Attention

3D technology is the latest trend in the world of website designing. It is because 3D visuals delight people when they see them and lead to them staying on the page longer. A lot of companies assume that 3D is a very pricy technology, something akin to NASA-tier equipment. It isn’t so.

A good creative agency with a strong web design and development team should also be able to provide quality, affordable, and engaging 3D content.

Big brands in various industries have already started creating an immersive experience for their sites. This year, specialists are expecting to see more 3D elements breaking down the barriers between the virtual space and reality.

3. Robust Frames of White Space

Vibrant colours give a new life to websites by making them look appealing. A website with robust frames of white space tends to gain an edge over other sites. Full bleed layouts are common in website design. Nowadays,  website designers working in a reputable website design agency will take their creativity to the next level by using lots of white space to give their designs more structure.

Furthermore, white space helps in giving design stability. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are going to witness wide frames of white space dominating the website designs of leading brands this year.

4. Imperfection Adds Personality

Yes, having an astonishing presence with the help of web design is no longer in the realms of fairy tales, but a modern reality. With imperfect and hand-drawn design elements, creative designers can give a unique look to their websites.

Overly polished designs are simply losing their edge and no longer speak of high professionalism since they are easily available. Big brands are turning away from that and presenting their targets with more relatable, memorable digital experiences bursting with personal touch rather than cold perfection.

Therefore, the hand-drawn style is going to dominate the web design in 2020 because it gives sites the heart and soul online users find appealing.

5. Re-inventing Typography

The approach to typography on the websites used to be strict – you use a brand font, add one more font at best, maintain the same spacings and consistent font sizes, and that’s it. Well, that’s boring.

True innovation happens in website design agencies that refuse to play by the rules. The new approach is to be playful. Blow up a line. Position a paragraph in a way that sticks out. Cross the borders. Flip the text. Use a combination of several fonts. As long as it looks good and makes the copy easy to read and navigate – why not?

Of course, to do this well, you need strong experience with website design. None of this should be a result of randomness or it will backfire. The placements need to meaningfully add to the design. The copy needs to maintain absolute readability. All the little elements need to be meticulously planned and coordinated. It should look effortless and spontaneous, but never thoughtless.

The Endnote

Web presence exploited like a supernova during the past few decades. It is imperative to choose a reliable, innovative website design company in Dubai that will provide you with the website design services that make your business stand out from the competitors and give you a truly impressive web presence.

Once done, make sure your new website gets the needed exposure through clever digital marketing strategies. Our advice is to go with a full-service digital agency that can help you with all your digital needs.

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