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  /  Design   /  Website Design & Development Trends in Dubai for 2021 – Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed some new trends and preferences that every leading agency that does website development in Dubai should be aware of as we move into 2021. 

To recap, the pandemic has skyrocketed the number of people who shop online, and that number will not be going down. E-commerce UX is becoming increasingly important and is undergoing enormous innovations as more and more businesses compete on digital platforms and invest in digital marketing in Dubai to have their websites come on top of the Google search engine. The need to compensate for the lack of physical interaction with products demands for greater focus on good product imagery, 3D views and multimedia. 

Another big trend in terms of website design is that a turbulent, stressful year created an increasing need for websites with a relaxing look and feel. This includes soothing colours, granulated imagery that appears more natural, avoiding any flashy or jarring designs and functionalities, more subtle usage of moving elements, minimal, easy-to-navigate content and a new love for retro fonts and designs that create a sense of familiarity and comfort as opposed to futuristic, slick UIs. 

We stress the importance of connecting with a full-scope advertising agency in Dubai that can help you tick all the boxes and represent your brand in the best light on digital platforms. Here we will continue to list the design trends that meet these and other new requirements. 

Talk to several companies that do website design in Dubai and consult with them about revamping your website to meet your clients’ needs in the new year. 

Here are more of 2021 web design trends that will keep your online business on top of your game:

1. Neumorphism

Continuing on the thread that users are looking to compensate digitally for what they are missing with real-life experience, neumorphism has been growing in popularity together with the minimalist realism it brings to the table. It was developed out of skeuomorphism, which is a design that combines renderings of well-known, retro materials into modern designs, and merged it with the trend of flat design which simplified icons in a way that was less realistic but quite user-friendly. 

Neumorphism uses designs that mimic physical objects using elements such as drop shadows while overlaying them with semi-flat colours to achieve an effect of digital embossing. This increases users’ connection to the interactive design, so in 2021 CTA-s, search bars, pop-ups and text boxes will be applying this trend. 

2. Muted, comfortable colours

As mentioned before, visitors are longing for calming website designs. Colours play a huge role in our emotional experience, so for them to be calming and soothing, subdued colours are the way to go.

Light colour palettes, grainy textures, and colours found in nature are a key to creating this subdued, calm look and feel your users will enjoy. 

It is important to also note that people work on their computers most of the time, straining their eyes. Web designers have been therefore focusing on tones that are easy on the eyes, thinking outside of the extremes of dark and light (popular in 2020) and focusing on soft palettes, pastel pinks and blues, wholesome greens, and warm earth tones.

3. Preference-based design

Some of the best global website design & development companies are starting to make their designs adaptable to visitors’ personal preferences. Usually, this is done by offering a choice between dark and light mode or ways of changing the site’s appearance and navigation (as well as allowing the user to stay with the old design after a new design has been implemented as Reddit has done). It can also include customized content which is useful for e-commerce.  

With these new algorithms, websites are becoming more user-centred and we can expect 2021 trends to keep evolving in this direction and focus on meeting the visitors’ desires. 

4. Gaussian blur

Similar to the trend of using soft and soothing colours, every good graphic designer in Dubai will tell you that Gaussian blur works like magic when it comes to giving soft focus to images and gradients. 

It creates a special, calming atmosphere and is pleasing to the eye.

5. Abstract art

Abstract and fluid, organic shapes found in nature are becoming increasingly popular, with website designers combining them into more complex artworks that look unique and attractive. 

They can bring a dash of energy and warmth to an otherwise soothing and minimalist design, making the page feel more alive and personal without adding clutter and stress. Avoid harsh lines and edges, and use nature to inspire the flow.

6. Digital interpretations of products

We mentioned before that e-commerce websites need to compensate for lack of physical experience. One of the ways to do that is through creative digital design ideas. 

This includes showing textures, smeared colours, playful shapes and other ways to make the website feel organic and connect the product to the website. 

7. Unique & playful questionnaires

To captivate the visitor in those few seconds they arrive on your website, web developers have started to create an interactive experience by using questionnaires rather than just having the user read descriptions. 

With personable multiple-choice questions focusing on users’ preferences, it becomes easy to cater products to their needs while also making them feel listened to and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

8. Custom cursors

Often overlooked, cursors can be a playful and unique touch on your website and can play well with your brand identity

Some of the best website design companies in Dubai have taken up this trend and started coming up with cool and innovative ideas of using cursors to set a specific mood and establish the brand. 

9. Digital inspired by print

Building on the idea that people enjoy a sense of familiarity and translating real-life experiences to digital platforms, old media has been reborn. 

Website layouts are drawing inspiration from print, enabling the user to connect with them better. Magazine style and other traditional print graphic design are now impacting the look and feel of websites.

10. Mobile-first design

We can’t stress this enough, while the mobile-friendly design hasn’t been optional for years now, mobile searches overtook desktop searches and accounts for nearly half of all web traffic worldwide. Google algorithm also ranks mobile-friendly sites more favourably, vastly benefiting the efforts of your SEO company in Dubai.

It is time that website design agencies in Dubai start using mobile-first design when building websites in 2021.


We hope that these tips give you a good overall idea about what your visitors are looking for. With help of professional website design agency in Dubai, you can achieve a lot and witness a dramatic improvement in sales and leads. 

Graphic design plays a big part in the look and feel of new websites, so work with a good branding agency in Dubai as well for best results. 

Get in touch to discuss your business objectives and get consultation on how we can help you meet them through improved website design. 

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