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  /  Design   /  Website Design & Development Trends in Dubai for 2021 – Part 1

The New Year is coming and agencies doing website development in Dubai are coming up with fresh website design ideas and approaches to website design suited to the current users’ needs. This is a good time for companies to revamp their websites after a turbulent year and come out with a modern, effective digital platform that will further their business. 

In 2020, due to the pandemic, there has been a huge push towards e-commerce and after this leap, there will be no going back. Companies need to make sure they are ready to face the tough digital competition and stay cutting edge. 

Look into professional companies doing website design in Dubai and consult with them about the ways to improve and modernize your website to get you ready for the new phase. 

Here are some 2021 web design trends that will keep your online business looking relevant and sharp:

1. Improved E-commerce UX

E-commerce used to be just an alternative for brick & mortar but after most of the globe went through a lockdown, businesses have rapidly shifted to e-commerce. This isn’t going to change. Research shows that once consumers start using e-commerce platforms they form a lasting habit, often a preference, to traditional shopping. 

With more and more people buying online, companies are developing more reliable and faster-loading websites and apps. It is all about making the UX consumer-friendly – easy, quick, intuitive and convenient. The users shouldn’t jump through hoops to buy a product, the fewer steps are in the way between them and the purchase the more likely the conversion is. 

There are many things you can do to signal that your website is safe and simple to purchase from, so talk to a professional website design company in Dubai and get their feedback.

2. Calming graphics

After a turbulent year such as 2020, people have had enough of stress and unpredictability. The preferences reflect the increasing need for calming imagery and designs, and a comfortable UX. 

This can be achieved through using soothing colours found in nature (depending on what matches with your brand identity as well), intuitive layouts with a good dose of white space so that the information is displayed in orderly and clear ways. Using imagery related to nature, minimalist copy and clean design will leave a tremendous positive impact. Make your CTA’s visible and understandable so that users’ attention is directed at all times and they know which actions to take.

Don’t make the stressed visitor feel overwhelmed by huge amounts of content, misleading and complicated navigation, “loud” and contrasting colours, pop-ups or any design elements that aim to get attention by working as irritants to the eye. Make your website a soothing, easily understandable oasis where users can relax and access what they’re looking for.

3. High quality, authentic product photos

Many websites either use stock or poor quality images. But your potential clients, like all people, are visual animals and will not go for the unimpressive looking product – that screams low quality. Stock on the other hand has a generic look to it and users have become quite good at telling it apart from genuine professional images. 

If you wish to sell your products online, you need to consider investing in a professional product photoshoot with a photography agency in Dubai that understands website requirements. 

The 2021 trends are continuing on the shift in 2020 where small thumbnail images became replaced by large, detailed, high-quality photographs. 3D views that allow the user to rotate products are highly desired, and as the e-commerce trend continues we are expecting to see even more innovation in product displays. Get in the game!

4. Data visualization

Your visitors are very interested in solid data, facts and figures. But they require easy to follow infographics so that they can understand the information presented to them. 

Your branding agency in Dubai should offer you a set of infographics that are connected to your brand identity. Likewise, your website design company should implement similar graphics on the website, and enhance them further by adding engaging and interactive elements. 

5. Retro fonts & styles

After such a stressful year many people are looking for safety in nostalgia, old styles they feel familiar with and get comfort from. The rush into the future can be intimidating, especially after experiencing the amount of uncertainty that comes with it, so a little bit of a throwback to the past is very welcome. 

Typography is a great way to incorporate some of that familiarity into the modern UI. However, you shouldn’t just use the same tired styles. A good graphic design company in Dubai can play with old styles to create something new and unique while maintaining the desired look and feel. 

6. The continued rise of multimedia

People today have access to faster internet speeds and so many websites are adding more multimedia for the richer UX. 

This trend is more than ever relevant in 2021 where users rely on multimedia to compensate for the lack of physical experience. Make sure to keep it simple and not have too much going on in the same place, and use the formats thoughtfully so that the content is accessible. 

For all recorded multimedia, make sure to have captions and transcripts in case your visitors aren’t able to listen to the audio and use alt text for images. Finally, don’t autoplay video content, allow your users to play it by choice to avoid ambushing them with visual and audio stimulation they weren’t ready for. 

7. Horizontal scroll

This web design exploration is having a comeback. Originally subject to criticism, website designers now found that horizontal scrolling has practical application when disclosing secondary information progressively, for example in image gallery. 

Make sure to use arrow buttons and clear labels so that users aren’t confused about navigating the scroll, and be thoughtful about which content this should be applied to – we recommend photo gallery style content, and avoiding horizontal scroll for anything that involves copy you want your users to read. 

8. Subtler usage of a parallax scroll

The parallax trend will continue, and we expect to see some new explorations of what can be achieved with parallax in website design.

This also includes placing some restraint on parallax effects, such as reducing the amount of movement which can cause some disorientation and dizziness, especially in people with vestibular disorders. Parallax shouldn’t be distracting and it should be used wisely, keeping it contained within a small area of the screen. 

Parallax is still very relevant, but the application should be subtle instead of flashy, as a tool to emphasize important content.

9. 3D designs & animation

Moving to online platforms, your visitors need to rely on images and explainer videos to understand what they can’t physically experience. 3D designs are attractive, enhance the UX and help the user understand directions better than 2D does. 

3D designs on minimalist layouts make an especially strong impression, adding uniqueness and depth to your website. 

10. Grainy, textured design

To give your website more personality and a more organic feeling, we recommend grainy textures. Lo-fi design elements create a more natural and comforting look and feel and are becoming more popular than the common slick and perfect designs. 

If you are working with a full-scope advertising agency in Dubai, you can simultaneously build a fantastically functional website enhanced with eye-catching and original designs.


While some trends from 2020 are continuing in 2021, there is a need for calming UI, familiarity and more retro and natural look and feel, and compensation for real-life experiences through multimedia, good photography and 3D views. 

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will continue discussing the new website design trends before the New Year hits. 

In the meanwhile, get in touch with an excellent website design & development agency in Dubai and discuss your website and digital marketing plans so that you can start 2021 on top of your game. 

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