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Video Production & Animation Agency in Dubai

Whether it is a commercial, an animation or a quick product video, a great video is the one that achieves the goal efficiently and creatively. Backed by the power of imagery, your ideas can leave an enormous impact.

Services | Video Production & Animation

2d & 3d Animated Video Production Company in Dubai

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Services | Video Production & Animation

2d 3d Animated Video Production Company in Dubai

Rise above the noise

Corporate/B2B Video

We make the most out of one of the best mediums to convey your story and demonstrate the strength and quality of your brand.

Commercial/B2C Video

We tell stories that will grab and hold your audience’s attention and trigger an emotional response to your brand.

Event Coverage

We create tasteful coverage of your company events by highlighting the right parts and placing them together in a meaningful flow.

Educational Video

Our goal is to establish trust between you and your target by demonstrating your honest commitment to helping them solve problems.

Live Action Video

A live-action video has to embrace the humanity of the moment and send your message in a way that is genuine and impactful.

2D Animation

Using animation, e.g. motion graphics, we bring imagination to life and communicate your message in ways that can’t be achieved via a traditional video.

3D Animation

Computer-generated images can be incredibly useful in depicting a range of situations and allowing the audience to feel they are experiencing the brand.

Our process

Creative Development

After spending time on learning about your requirements and research, we start the pre-production phase where we map out the creative content. We create the script and draw a storyboard that will set the roadmap for the project.

Video Shoot

We put tremendous thought into making the shoot go flawlessly. From picking the best equipment for the job to meticulously arranging the set and lights, we ensure that we gather the highest quality footage to work with.

Post Production

We spend painstaking focus on video editing, colour correction, audio editing, compositing and more and put everything together in a seamless flow that communicates the story and emotion with every single frame.


Once the video is ready, we can assist you with the launch strategy, adapt the video to a range of platforms and monitor your target’s responses. Our goal is to tell great, meaningful stories that connect you to your audience. Video is often their prefered way to do it.

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