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Creative Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai

We connect brands with their audiences by creating rewarding digital interactions.
This approach is what made us one of Dubai’s most effective digital marketing agencies.

Services | Social Media Marketing

Creative Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai

We connect brands with their audiences by creating rewarding digital interactions.
This approach is what made us one of Dubai’s most effective digital marketing agencies.

Services | Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing in Dubai?

Are you looking to improve the social media presence of your business? Looking for an experienced and professional social media marketing agency in Dubai and UAE who can take your business to the next level using social media?

You are in the right place. Evox is an experienced and professional social media marketing company in Dubai that has helped several businesses in Dubai to improve their social media presence. We have a team of social media experts who have decades of combined experience in social media marketing.

With more and more people using social media, businesses in Dubai and UAE cannot miss the social media buzz. A recent study says that as of 2020, nearly 4 million users are on Facebook from Dubai.

And we all know the power of YouTube. If your business has any video marketing material then it’s worth posting on YouTube as it is the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google.

Moreover, social media marketing is a low-cost marketing tactic that allows a business to reach more people at an affordable price. It also creates a level playing field for all sizes of businesses.

As an experienced social media marketing agency in Dubai, we create social media strategies for our clients based on the service they offer and the kind of customers they need to reach.

Social Media Marketing Is Not Just Publishing Posts

Social media is a wonderful tool that helps a business to reach a larger audience. But just creating a Facebook page or a YouTube channel, and uploading content will not help your business anyway.

This is why you need an experienced social media marketing company to handle all your tasks related to social media. For example, when you publish a video on YouTube, you should know how to create a title for the video, what kind of tags should be added and how the description should be created. Apart from these, a video should have an eye-catching thumbnail to get more views.

Similarly when publishing posts on Facebook or creating an ad on Facebook for your business, you should know what kind of customer you should target, what tags should be added to the post and how to create an audience profile for your Facebook ad.

For all this work, a business in Dubai needs an experienced social media marketing company to handle its social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing Dubai
Social media marketing agency dubai

How Evox Creates Social Media Strategy For Its Clients?

Any business is a brand by itself and they stand for a specific cause. A social media marketing agency that promotes a business should first act as a branding agency. They should understand the service or products offered by the business.

The social media marketing companies that promote a business should spend time on understanding the product and service offered by the business; they should speak to the client and understand what their expectations are.

Some clients would like to improve the reach of their brand by adding more followers to their Facebook page. And others would like to get sales or leads from their social media campaigns.

At Evox, we have a deep conversation with our clients, and we understand the expectations of our clients. We will try to understand if the client is looking to improve brand awareness online or trying to get sales out of the social media campaigns.

Based on the client’s requirements, we create a social media strategy that serves the client’s marketing goal.  Once we get hold of the client’s expectations, we will work on a market analysis to find the target audience and then our social media experts will work with our content creation team to build the social media strategy for the campaign.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered By Evox

Evox being one the most experienced social media marketing agency in Dubai, offer almost all services related to social media. We offer social media advertising services to all kinds of businesses. We work with small businesses to corporate.
Facebook Marketing Agency Dubai

Facebook Marketing

As a professional Facebook marketing agency in Dubai and UAE, we help our clients to improve their presence on Facebook. We can create an informative Facebook page with all required call-to-action buttons.

We will create an engaging header for your Facebook page, post engaging content that brings likes, and create images that are trendy and informative

We also help businesses in Dubai to set up Facebook ads. When it comes to Facebook ads, selecting and creating the target audience is really important to running a successful Facebook ad campaign. As Evox spends time on understanding the client’s business, our team will be able to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

Contact Evox now for Facebook marketing in Dubai.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is one of the hottest trends for businesses in Dubai and UAE. At Evox, we update ourselves on the latest Instagram marketing trends and help our clients to achieve success through Instagram. This is why we are one of the best Instagram marketing agencies in Dubai and UAE.

We work closely with our clients to define their goals and purpose on Instagram. And based on the client’s goals we will be optimizing the Instagram profile of the client to improve user engagement.

We also create engaging content and reels to get more followers to our client’s profiles. As we understand our client’s business, we create the right tags when publishing content on Instagram.

Contact Evox now for Instagram marketing in Dubai.

Instagram Marketing
Facebook Marketing Agency Dubai

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the most used video content platforms in the World and Dubai is no exception. At Evox, we have a talented and experienced video production experts team that can create awesome and engaging videos for your business in Dubai.

As a professional YouTube marketing agency in Dubai, we can create a YouTube channel for your business, add engaging channel art, and work on keyword research to know the best topics to create videos and create engaging videos.

Creating videos is only a part of the process, knowing how to publish is where Evox can help. When publishing the videos, we will be creating titles and thumbnails that will bring clicks and improve the CTR of your videos.

We will create an informative description and add the right tags to rank the video for the target keywords on YouTube,

Contact Evox for YouTube marketing in Dubai and UAE

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Social Media Marketing Dubai – FAQ’s

Which Social Media Works In Dubai?

As internet penetration in Dubai is much more than in the rest of the world, all the major social media platforms work in Dubai. People of Dubai, equally use all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

But a business should decide the platform they need to market based on their target audience. If they want to target young people in their 20s then Instagram can be a good platform.

Why Should You Need Social Media For Your Business?

Facebook alone has around 4 million users from Dubai. With more and more people accessing social media and getting familiar with social media, all businesses should have a social media presence. Apart from this social media is a low-cost marketing tool to reach more people.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Social Media Campaigns?

If a business is looking to grow its social media presence organically then it will take anywhere between 30 to 60 days to see improvement. This is only if the business uses the right social media marketing strategy. Whereas, for social media ads, businesses will start to see results in a few days if they are using the right social media marketing agency in Dubai to run their ads.

How Can A Business Track The Social Media Campaigns?

All the social media marketing companies in Dubai should be sending you weekly reports on the content published, their engagement, results of ads campaigns, and more. At Evox, we will be sending you a weekly report on tasks we have completed on your social media accounts.

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost in Dubai and UAE?

There is no single cost fits all model when it comes to social media marketing. The cost of each social media campaign will depend on the number of pages we manage, the number of ads we run, and the budget for the ads.

At Evox, before starting a social media marketing campaign, we will provide you with a detailed plan and the cost break up and we pride ourselves on providing quality service at an affordable cost.

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