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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing company you hire directly influences the overall growth and revenue of your business. That is why every company is striving to find and hire the best and the finest SEO agency.

However, finding the SEO or digital marketing company that will do you justice takes a little more than just a quick search. Here are some factors to keep in mind that will help you find the ideal SEO professionals to further your business objectives:

Local Presence

You can find a whole list of SEO companies with four and five stars ratings upon a quick search. But the secret here is to choose a local SEO company that resides in your city or state, for example, if you are Dubai-based, there is no need to waste your energy looking outside of the city. This is better than hiring a company that is remotely located. There are several reasons for this. For one, they are more familiar with behaviors and search patterns of the residents, so the advice they give you will be more relevant to your potential client base. They are also more familiar with your local competitors whom you have to outshine. Then, of course, there is the convenience of easily reaching out to them, matching work hours and general familiarity. 

Domain Authority

Domain authority or DA simply depicts how much authority you have in the online world. The sites that are most preferred by Google have higher domain authority than others. The value ranges between 0-100 with 40-50 being considered average, and everything >60 being excellent. Better DA implies rich content, SEO, Google-friendly tactics, mobile-friendliness, page speed, and an overall solid digital marketing regime. Shortly, it means that whoever is handling the company’s digital marketing knows what they are doing. 

So look for a local service provider whose own domain authority is reasonably high – the chances of you getting conned will drastically reduce. 

Communication is the key

You may find several well-rated local companies, but not every one of them understands your company and your business goals. Spend some time talking to them and dig a little deeper to see how much they truly understand your requirements and offer relevant suggestions instead of just recycling the same old routine. Not every business is the same and so a top SEO/Digital Marketing agency should prove to have flexibility and adaptability to accommodate your specific needs. 

Decision-makers often feel unsure about terminology and specifics of SEO, so they don’t know how to judge potential agencies. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. A good digital agency will be happy to explain everything they are doing and how it will benefit you and will be fully transparent in their efforts and plans. Choose the company you feel comfortable talking to, who are responsive and understanding of your concerns and flexible enough to adapt as they go. 

And hey, there is no harm in switching to a different SEO / Google Ads agency if your initial doesn’t seem to deliver what you want.

Find a Service-Specific Company

There are many companies out there who are in the digital marketing business and claim to do it all. But try to be service-specific. If you are looking for Google AdWords for example, make sure the company you are considering for the job specifically lists them as one of their specialities, rather than lumping them in under a broad term “Digital Marketing”.

A lot of agencies think they can handle your project as their first Google Ads venture when their expertise perhaps lies with Social Media Management. Don’t be fooled. Hire experienced people who have been doing the job for years and who keep up-to-date with every new Google algorithm.


Finding the right SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Dubai, or anywhere else in the world, comes easy when you go by trusted recommendations. Ask people on your LinkedIn network, your colleagues, or any other trusted contact who has had some experience in the field. Word of mouth still holds a lot of weight and can’t be faked. 


It can seem like a challenging task to entrust your website SEO and digital marketing to an agency, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. Do a little research and spend some time on Google to familiarize yourself with the terminology and overall requirements. But once you make your choice, don’t be afraid – if you feel uncomfortable with your agency or aren’t getting the results you asked for, you can always make a change. Some of the work done will not go to waste. 

So stop hesitating and reach out!

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