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  /  Branding   /  How Branding Can Help Real Estate Companies in Dubai To Succeed In The Competitive Market

Dubai, is a global city that attracts investors and people from all over the world. People from all parts of the world either look to invest in real estate in Dubai, or want to buy themselves a property to live when they visit Dubai.

Eventhough the real estate market is growing at a faster pace, the competition to garner a huge pie of the real estate market is also much fierce among the real estate companies in Dubai. In this competitive market, branding acts as a differentiator that helps real estate companies to standout in the crowded and competitive market.

Here in this article, we will see how and why branding is an essential tool for real estate companies to improve their market share and presence in this competitive market.

Why branding is an important factor in real estate?

When it comes to branding in real estate it involves creating visual elements like logos, websites, and brochures using an appealing colour palettes that conveys the vision of the real estate project the company is developing.

Using the same colour palettes helps the potential buyers and investors to immediately recognize the brand and the project. When it comes to Dubai’s real estate sector, branding plays an important role. It helps in building reputation, recognition and presence of the company in the crowded and competitive market.


Branding helps in creating the strong first impression

We all know that Dubai is home to amazing skyline and architectural marvels. But before an iconic building is built, the success of that project is determined by the branding of the project. The design elements used in the brochure of the project, the colour combination used in the websites and the logo, all these create a first visual identity for the project.

Burj Khalifa is one of the best examples of how branding and positioning of the project can create a global excitement even before a real estate project is completed.


Branding builds trust and credibility

When it comes to real estate sector, trust plays a major factor between the investor or buyer and the real estate company. In industries where trust is a major factor, branding plays a major role. Branding serves as a bridge between the companies and its clients. When a company consistently and regularly communicates with its potential clients through well established branding channels like images, brochures, and social media it installs confidence among its potential buyers.

So, a well planned branding campaign is a trust building factor that converts a potential client into a client.


Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Dubai’s real estate market is crowded and the competition is fierce. In order to stand out among the competition, a real estate company should identify the unique selling points of its project, and promote them through its branding campaigns.

With effective branding campaigns, a company can definitely stand out in the crowded market. For example, take Palm Jumeirah, its unique selling point of luxury living is well communicated to its potential buyers through an effective branding campaign, and the project become a global sensation. This is how a real estate company can use branding to promote their real estate project.


Well planned branding campaign creates a strong brand identity

In this digital age, there are several avenues that can be used by real estate companies to brand their company and project. They can use social media campaigns; they can create interactive websites that carry forward the information about the company and the project.

This form of branding helps a real estate company in Dubai to create a strong brand identity for themselves.


Creating a Consistent Brand Experience

Consistency is an important factor when it comes to branding. The day when the client first sees the website and to the day when he visits the project in person there should be consistency in the information passed, the design and visual elements they see.

This kind consistency will help the potential buyer to relate the information and images he first saw on the website or on the social media campaigns and how it has taken shape in the project.


Future of real estate branding

With invent of AI and virtual reality, the future of branding and marketing in real estate will be more technical. Real estate companies who are future thinking are already implementing virtual reality in their marketing and branding campaigns. Companies are also implementing and integrating smart home technologies to differentiate their project from others.

So the future of real estate and branding in real estate is integration of technology.

Innovative branding and marketing has emerged as the driving force behind the transformation of real estate industry in Dubai. In a market where there is heavy competition branding plays a distinct role in creating a brand identity, trust and presence.

If you are a real estate company in Dubai, and if you are looking to create a brand identity for your company or for your real estate project in Dubai, you can get in touch with us.

At Evox, we offer unique branding solutions for real estate companies in Dubai. We have worked with several real estate companies and have helped them to create unique brand identity for themselves.

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