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Building an Emotional Connection

Despite their 30 years on the market and loyal customers, Royal Blinds needed a way to raise brand awareness among the broader audience. We wanted to help our client earn their place into people’s lives by creating an opportunity for meaningful communication and interaction both on the digital and real-life platforms.
We came up with #shedthelight.
By getting the target audience to play a key role in the campaign, we connect the brand to the causes that have importance to them, provide a shared experience, create brand recall and indirectly advertise the product.
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Royal Blinds


Awareness Campaign


External and Internal Shades

The idea behind this campaign was to inspire the customers by offering them the platform to inspire us. Once the main causes were selected and people were given a chance to make donations and help, the audience was left with an emotionally rewarding experience, the knowledge that their voice was heard, and a sense of connection to the brand that made it all happen – Royal Blinds.
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