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We’ve Got You Covered

Our B2C campaign for this brand specialized in shading was aimed to directly communicate a simple, confidence-inspiring message to the target audience – We’ve Got You Covered. The line works both literally and figuratively and forms a positive, instantly-understandable brand promise that explains how their products benefit the customer.
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Royal Blinds


Social Media Marketing


External and Internal Shades

Shades for Comfort

B2B advertising was essential for this brand, so our campaign connected their tagline with corporate-style visuals aimed at contractors, architects and other decision-makers. Here the comfort refers not only to the consumers’ experience but also to the project manager’s peace of mind knowing our client is a reliable partner who will deliver excellence.

30 Years of Royal Blinds

We crafted a social media brand awareness campaign that served to introduce our client to the digital market after a long experience based solely on word-of-mouth. We used their 30th anniversary to digitally launch the brand in style and show the monumental impact they had on the community, making the consumer feel the brand added to their lives.

30 Years of…

The awareness campaign continued to celebrate different accomplishments and contributions our client achieved in their 30 years. We used both B2B and B2C communication to highlight everything from the comfort experienced by families and the aesthetics of the product to the footprint our client’s projects left in Dubai and UAE.

Step into the Shade

Another B2B campaign with a light touch, we designed attractive illustrations using brand colours and design style to introduce our client as a problem solver for project managers and contractors. We positioned our client as a provider of a literal and figurative shade when working on a project, a trustworthy and reliable partner who executes each job to perfection.

Get Your Shade Together

To grab your target’s attention on social media, a brand needs to demonstrate how it will benefit their lives. We chose to approach the product differently and present the consumer with various everyday issues that good shading can fix. Instead of selling a product, we effectively sold solutions to common problems which resonated with the consumer.
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