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Our clients at Location Solutions are paving the way for an automated future in fleet management. They asked us to design their new website that had various industry-specific added functionalities, but we also wanted to give them solutions that will elevate their brand. Using creative, intuitive layouts with relevant imagery and interactive design elements, we created a website that was instantly appealing and indicative of the brand, with a clean and futuristic touch. We applied various tools to make the site interactive and engaging on every page while ensuring a refreshingly easy and enjoyable user experience.
The result was a website that invigorated the brand and secured its position as one of the undisputed leaders in the industry.
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Location Solutions


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By using interactive and appealing design elements such as the polygon which we applied on the main banners, we additionally engaged the user. This added a touch of playfulness and a sense that the website directly responds to the visitor, which in return makes them spend more time on the page. Combined with the right imagery these elements also contributed to the futuristic, hi-tech look and feel that we were aiming for.

All of our designs serve a purpose, and what was important to our client was the ability to help the user visualise their products and understand how these solutions contribute to better fleet management. For this purpose, we used interactive 3D schematics of the vehicles which showcase exactly where the products are placed and for what purpose. Laid out on a clean background and appealing to the eye, explaining complex information became simple and easily understandable.

We started by spending time talking to our client and researching their brand, industry, and customers. All of our websites are designed with the end-user in mind. Their interests, needs, and challenges were addressed and translated into the website user experience, first by building a wireframe to ensure we are optimally navigating the website, and then by meticulous design and development.

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