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Dive into Decadence

Launching a Full-Spectrum Brand Experience for a New Luxury Lingerie & Swimwear Startup.

Category: Naming, Branding, Packaging Website Design, Mobile Application
Client: Le Fay
Industry: Luxury Apparel

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a sophisticated brand from the ground up, including a distinctive name, logo, brand identity and packaging. Additionally, we designed and developed an intuitive e-commerce website and application to provide a seamless and modern shopping experience. The brand’s essence was envisioned to embody femininity with a classy allure.

The Name

We decided on a name that encapsulated the essence of femininity. ‘Le Fay,’ derived
from the French term ‘la fée,’ carries a mythological charm, signifying a fairy or goddess.

The Logo

Following several iterations and collaborative efforts with the client, we arrived at a modern, feminine, and minimalist logo design. The logo cleverly integrated the letters ‘L’ and ‘F’ to create a stylish monogram shape, ensuring versatility across diverse applications.
The primary colour palette, featuring warm brown and cream latte hues, was accompanied by an array of secondary colours. These secondary hues offer flexibility, allowing their application to highlight new collections, products or evoke different seasonal themes as needed.

The Output

Le Fay embraced a feminine aesthetic, radiating a delicate yet sophisticated allure. The logo seamlessly adorned the clothing items, serving as an elegant embellishment.
We meticulously crafted a diverse collection of packaging and gift box designs, carefully selecting styles and colours tailored for various seasons and themes.

User-Friendly Web & Mobile App

As an e-commerce platform, Le Fay sought a visually stunning website and user-friendly shopping application to seamlessly unify the entire shopping experience.
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