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Assuring Integrity

Our client in the Insurance Industry needed a new brand presence on their social media channels. We identified the core brand message to be the one promoting togetherness, community, protection and optimistic leadership. To build a credible brand we needed to speak directly to the target audience about things that matter to them instead of just selling a product. Our goal was to build brand awareness, trust, relationships and brand loyalty. Based on the measurable response, we can safely say we succeeded.


Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance (Aman)


Social Media Marketing



Bright Side - Motor Insurance

We approached promoting our client’s product by connecting it to a greater message that called for shared responsibility and taking care of our environment. We used optimistic messaging to build positive brand associations. This promoted post sent a huge amount of new customers flocking to the client’s website.

Father’s Day

By analysing our target audience, we were able to commemorate occasions that are meaningful to them. A heartfelt Father’s Day greeting forged the human connection between the brand and its potential customers, and trending hashtags ensured visibility which furthered our brand awareness efforts.

We Are All Responsible

We stay one step ahead of the newest hashtags & events. When it was announced that covid19 lockdown was ending, we created a hugely successful video promoting the new hashtag, combining optimism with accountability. The message was relevant to our target audience, which provided the brand with tremendous exposure and positioned it as a leader.

Stronger Together

Our approach is to connect the promoted product with relevant & meaningful messaging. Being strong believers in Howard Gossage’s “People don’t read ads. They read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”, we use the trending topics & hashtags to talk about the product across social media platforms in a way that grabs customers’ interest.