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Creative Photography Agency in Dubai

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
– Ansel Adams
Lifestyle Shoots

We create lifestyle photography that brings out the art in the mundane. It is about recognizing the humanity of the moment and capturing emotion.

Location Shoots

Choosing the right location and then capturing it so that the mood can be felt in the photograph is a carefully developed process we make appear simple.

Still Photography

To capture the character of the subject we create meticulous arrangements, using the light, backdrop and props to bring meaning and a story to the mix.

Product Shoot

We are not only making your products look good, but we’re also making a statement about your brand. Through the right displays and post-production, we create wonders.

Pre Production
Drafting the Story

There are no accidents. During the pre-production stage, we decide on the story we are telling through the medium, create the mood board, select the right location and plan the set. It is painstakingly deliberate, even when the result feels spontaneous and genuine.

Post Production
Creating Meaning

The point of the photograph is that it removes the need for words. The post-production stage is essential to ensure this communication is effective by manipulating the photograph to make it evoke just the right emotions and tell the right story.