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We design logos that are fresh,

unique, creative & strategically crafted

Our logos grab attention, tell stories, spark curiosity, inspire trust and leave a lasting mark

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World-Class Logo Design

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We believe that behind every successful brand there is a combination of solid strategic thinking mixed with bold creativity. A great logo is the first step of a brand journey we’d like to take you on, the visual message that tells the world “this is my brand.” We are here to provide you with visual solutions that will guide your business forward. Whether it’s creating a brand new logo or refreshing an old one, we think of the most effective and impactful ways to turn your dreams into reality.

A logo sets the tone for the rest of your brand identity, which will later be applied across your company collaterals, packaging designs, print and digital advertisements, onsite-branding and of course, your entire digital presence from website to social media platforms. Let’s make it grand!

The first impression is everything.

And you only get one. Do it right!

More Than a Logo

At Evox, we’re not just giving you a logo. We’re developing a creative roadmap that will send your business on a towering trajectory.

Thoroughly Original

Our designers create 100% authentic designs from scratch, not relying on templates, clip-art or other tools as a shortcut. The difference is palpable.

Logo Design Dubai

Technically Sound

We use a mathematical approach when fine-tuning the logo to ensure geometric harmony that resonates with the eye and looks visually balanced.

Adaptable & Versatile

Our experience in different styles and with different industries across the globe contributed to our unique approach to logo design.

As an established logo design agency in Dubai

we know how to shape ideas, thoughts and aspirations into a visual monument of success. This is our process:

Communication & Research

We talk to our clients and do our research into their company, industry, business goals, preferences, target audience and more

Design Brief

We combine our client’s input, our research findings and ideas into a comprehensive design brief

Brainstorm ideas

Our creative team discusses and analyzes different concepts, shares ideas and strategizes to find the best visual solutions

Selection & Fine-tuning

Our team reviews the creative works, looks for ways to further improve them, and prepares the final selection

Presentation & Feedback

We present the logos to our client, discuss them in detail and implement client’s feedback for final delivery

Delivery & Applications

Once approved, we share all logo files with our clients for their usage and proceed to build a full brand identity & guidelines

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Through creativity, strategy, design & technology we grow successful brands & help them stay ahead of the curve.