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This week we are finishing our list of E-Commerce website Trends on the rise. These rapid advancements in technology should not be seen as a threat that will hurt businesses but should be embraced as a gateway for your company to reach and convert more customers in a way that is faster and more efficient for both sides. 

When done right, your business can blossom. The way to start is to contact a website design & development agency in Dubai and discuss your needs and objectives. 

Last two weeks we mentioned some exciting eCommerce innovations, and we are finishing by focusing on convenient, user-friendly payment options and shipping technologies, among others. We will also emphasize the importance of strong, impactful content – work with an experienced advertising agency in Dubai to stand apart from the rest and connect to your target audience.  

Here is the list of solutions that will vastly improve shoppers’ experiences:

1. B2B Evolution

B2B commerce is on the rise and rapidly adapting to new demands. Total sales in global retail e-commerce are expected to reach $1.1 trillion.

The personalities of B2B buyers are also changing, with more and more of them being millennials who are used to easy independent research and are averse to conversations with salespeople. The days of fax order forms and long phone calls are over, these B2B clients expect a smooth online service and automatized tasks that will reduce the time spent on processing order entries. Instead, you can now focus on customer engagement, providing an excellent experience, and building relationships.

Of course, you need to speak to your agency that does website design in Dubai and brief them about your business and target audience. A good solution is the ones tailored to your requirements.

2. The Value of PWA’s

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are apps that can’t be downloaded directly from an app store platform. They are websites that can be accessed directly in a browser, and they provide the high conversion solutions of a native app.

The purpose of PWAs is to help online shoppers complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. Their features and functionalities are fast, safe and reliable and create an engaging UX.

3. Actionable Content

What drives business is relevant and useful content which attracts your target audience, guides them to purchasing opportunities and reduces bounce rates by leading to successful conversions. 

Here are some examples: interactive content (e.g. quizzes, calculators, 3D videos…), lifestyle storytelling, email and stance-taking – as long as the latter is done with discretion. Team up with a creative agency in Dubai that has experience with creating unique and interesting content. 

Impactful content involves storytelling and creating unique experiences that resonate with your target. They should be personal and emotionally connect with the individuals and demographics you are trying to convert.

Check out more about content creation and discuss the right options for your business.

4. Social Commerce

Did you know that by 2024, social commerce sales are expected to reach up to $80 billion in revenue? It is time to take your social media marketing strategy up a notch because social commerce is one of the key e-commerce trends to focus on. 

Social media platforms are making it possible for eCommerce outlets to sell through their pages, increasing the potential customer base and driving sales. Social media posts focused on products provide links that take consumers immediately to the relevant page where they can make a seamless purchase. 

Further, companies such as Facebook introduced a variety of options for businesses to sell directly on their platform, and the checkout on Instagram & Instagram Shopping are also great examples of this trend. With channels such as TikTok, shoppable video ads are becoming a great success, especially with younger audiences. 

Contact a professional digital marketing agency in Dubai to create a bullet-proof digital strategy for your eCommerce platform. 

5. Payment Options

Every customer is an individual, with distinct needs and payment preferences. You don’t want them to cancel a sale just because they can’t use their payment method of choice on your e-commerce website. 

The more variety you can provide, the more you will increase your conversion rates. A huge plus is if the customer can save their payment details on your site, making every subsequent check out quicker and more efficient. 

Some businesses with benefit from digital payment methods that include cryptocurrencies, such as musicoin for musicians or kodak coin for photographers. Many eCommerce stores started to accept cryptocurrencies, while smartphone manufacturers are developing digital wallets, making the payment process simple and easy. 

Your agency that does website development in Dubai should look into making the check out process as quick and easy as possible through an appealing UI and an exceptional UX.

6. Post Payments

We predict a boom in post payments. Currently, many online businesses experience losses due to cart abandonment. An effective solution for this issue is a post-payment mechanism. 

If the visitors are interested in the products, the reason for abandonment may lay in lack of confidence about the product quality due to bad past experiences with other companies, or uncertainty about shopping online. Post payment strategy would enable the customers to pay after receiving the order. 

Post payment option is an attractive proposition that cuts down the loss of revenue and builds trust, plus it gives a competitive edge to companies using this method. Something worth considering!

7. Enhanced Shipping Options

People have started shopping online even for the essentials. With the growing number of options, people easily abandon their carts for a store that provides them with a better shopping experience. Often, the reason is due to a lack of delivery choices, extensive shipping times and shipping costs.

Don’t stagnate with your shipping and logistics. Free shipping is a small step that is proven to increase conversion rates (even if it comes with a higher product cost). Speedy delivery has become an expectation. But companies like Amazon are already testing drone delivery technologies, which, with the help of Google Maps find the fastest route to every destination. 

Drone delivery and other expedient technologies are expected to make it especially big this year, so keep your eyes open!

8. Cognitive Supply Chain Management

The e-commerce industry depends on effective supply chain management, which can be quite delicate. E-commerce companies are constantly looking for distribution & inventory management systems that are intuitive, predictive, adaptive and intelligent (self-learning) – these are known as cognitive supply chains. 

Three important factors complement continuous improvements.

The first one is automation, where process consolidation assists entrepreneurs to broadcast clear information flow. 

The second one is data sharing, where information like inventory availability, customer and shipping details needs to be available every step of the way. 

The third factor is customer-centric and requires identifying the goals, likes and preferences of your shoppers to improve your business efficiency. 

By innovating these factors, you will boast of improved, personalized customer service and decreased inventory, plus a good deal of risk mitigation, priceless insights, increased transparency and improved performance.

9. Optimized Digital Strategy

It is one thing to drive customers to your site, but converting them is a whole new task. By optimizing your product pages and embracing multi-channel selling, you can do a lot to increase your conversions. 

Once your web design company builds your eCommerce platform, you need to develop a smart digital marketing strategy by working with an agency that does digital marketing in Dubai. 

Work on your search engine optimization (SEO), invest in Google Ads and start advertising on social media. An SEO agency in Dubai can bring you many organic visits that can easily turn into conversions if your offer is relevant to the search. 

A good social media agency in Dubai can advise you on how to beat the competition – you should know that Facebook’s algorithm rewards video & motion-based creatives, while different targets exhibit unique behaviours across platforms.

10. Advanced Analytic Tools

Analytic tools have evolved a great deal, and you can make the most of them to better understand your customers’ behaviour and adapt your business strategy accordingly. Whenever you are trying to decide if a certain trend is relevant to your target, customer data can be of great help. 

resist the temptation of jumping the bandwagon blindly! Instead of trying to tackle every fad, you need to analyze them carefully and decide if they make sense to your business. Genuine trends last, fads make you seem fickle and position you as a follower. 

Using a variety of digital tools you can get an in-depth understanding of customer trends and behaviours. By truly understanding your customers you will be able to lead and adapt efficiently. 

Through data segmentation, you can go learn a lot about your customers interact with you and learn the preferences of different demographics so that you can improve your targeting. Detailed analytics can help you segment your audience by geographical location, age, gender, buying and spending habits and more. 

You can also determine the most successful channels that lead the customers to your store and understand which content leads to the most conversions which will help you optimize your digital strategy. Your website development company can integrate your CRM, CMS and more for a 360-degree view of your eCommerce business.


As you can see through these last three blogs, eCommerce technology has skyrocketed during the pandemics and we are undergoing a creative boom. Don’t be intimidated, instead embrace the changes and reap the benefits! 

We recommend our clients undergo a full-scope rejuvenation of their business and work with a branding agency in Dubai to reset their branding for this new era of digital marketing and eCommerce. 

With a fresh brand identity and brand strategy, get in touch with a website design company and see how you can invest in a powerful eCommerce platform that will help you grow your business and reach new heights. 

Stay tuned for our next blog focused on effective SEO for eCommerce platforms!

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