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There is a lot to say about the power of stunning website design. To meet your business objectives, your website also needs to reflect your brand. 

Often businesses get one branding agency and a different website design & development agency in Dubai, which sometimes leads to the website lacking the brand identity. This is a shame because web design and branding should go hand in hand and strengthen your brand awareness and recall. 

Users might enjoy your website, but a lot of them leave after a good digital experience without remembering the name of the brand that provided it. 

As a full-service digital and branding agency in Dubai, we have tremendous experience when it comes to using digital platforms to strengthen brands. Here is some advice on how to use website design to build your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience:

Here are some web design suggestions a good agency should bring up with you during the consultations.

1. Let your logo shine

Logo design is the first step in creating a brand identity. Not only should it be attractive and well-suited for every platform, but it should also be memorable and relevant to your brand. Put some thought in your logo design so that you can create an instantly recognizable brand presence. 

A good logo should be simple, original, scalable, iconic and ideally instantly say something about your brand’s services (see FedEx), promise (see Airbnb) and personality (see Nike). Once you have it, it needs to get a noticeable spot everywhere on your website.

2. Use the brand colours

Colour is one of the essential elements of branding. Colours are loaded with emotional associations they evoke in your audience and picking the right ones for your brand shouldn’t be seen as a trivial task. 

When building your website, your website development company should focus on tastefully applying the brand colours in a way that suits the digital medium. Better yet, if the same agency manages your branding, your website and other digital requirements, they will make sure to build your brand from scratch with consideration to the digital applications.

3. Speak in the right tone of voice

Brand identity isn’t just the look and feel. To fully develop a personality of your brand, you need qualified copywriters who will write your brand’s tone of voice guidelines. 

They will consider your target demographics as well as your business objectives and industry to help your content resonate with your audience. Your website content should ideally be written by content creators who have a good understanding of your brand.

4. Use your corporate design system

Any good branding agency in Dubai will create a special design system for your brand and present it in various applications, from your corporate collaterals and vehicle branding to website and social media. 

This can include symbols and elements tied to your logo, corporate infographics, iconography, decorative elements, illustration style and more. It is great to incorporate this into your website design where possible.

5. Use original brand imagery

We always advise that designers and website developers stay away from stock and instead have the client organize a professional photo or video shoot. Using your corporate video or a product video is always better than generic stock footage, and the same goes for photography. 

However, whether you are using stock or real photographs, your designers should be mindful of your brand’s imagery. Your branding agency should determine the style and the look and feel of all your visuals to stay consistent throughout. This can include lifestyle shoots featuring your target audience, using specific tones and filters, dominant colours and perspectives and other important details.

6. Make it personable

Your brand has a distinct personality. It can be broken down in different elements featured in your brand guidelines, but a website is a unique medium. Your website design company should look for different ways to bring in some of your brand je ne sais quoi into the overall look and feel and make the user feel as if they are getting to know you.

This can be done through personally addressed headlines, using testimonials for the human touch, talking directly to the user, storytelling through imagery and copy, unique styling choices and other elements that a passionate web design & development professional would know how to identify. 

7. Be consistent

To create brand recall and look professional, your website design needs to be consistent from page to page. The copy should be written in the same style, colours should be applied on all pages, fonts, icons and design elements should be the ones associated with your brand. 

UI is very important and experimenting too much can look disjointed and forgettable. A good web design agency will know how to create an excellent UI- and UX-focused website and stay consistent throughout. 

8. Include your brand promise

When a visitor clicks on your website, in the next few seconds they want to get an idea of who you are and what do you have to offer them. So make sure your website is clearly stating your brand promise. 

Homepage plays a crucial role here as this is usually the first page everyone will see. There are some tricks to a great homepage design that make your visitors stay and browse, leaving with brand recall.


Every platform where your business engages with your target audience needs to involve branding. Effective website design is the one that makes the user enjoy engaging with your brand and remember your brand in the future. It should be a big step towards building a lasting relationship. 

Look for Dubai’s best website design & development agency that is also qualified in branding & content creation. 

Now is the time to reach out and get a free consultation on your brand and digital requirements