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So, a website design Company in Dubai just developed an awesome new website for your brand. You are probably also working with them or another digital marketing agency in Dubai to help its ranking on the Google search engine using a good SEO strategy. We all know this might take some time. What to do in the meanwhile?

It is precisely your social media channels where your brand has the unique opportunity to communicate directly to your target audience. Use your social platforms to announce your new website and continue driving the traffic to it. If it’s an e-commerce site, you will especially benefit from getting more visitors you can convert to customers. 

But before you start, you need to have a good social media strategy in place that will benefit your brand. We suggest working with an experienced social media agency in Dubai to help you identify your platforms, build the presence and resonate with your target. 

Here are some ways you can use your social media to drive traffic to your website:

1. Build an impactful Social Media presence

Are you already active on social media platforms? Do you have a solid number of followers and if so, are you communicating to them in a way that benefits your business objectives?

Even if you are just starting, there is no reason to panic. With a clever strategy and the right approach, you can grow your brand’s digital presence rapidly. 

When working with a social media company, you should first discuss which platforms are relevant for your business – there is no need to spread yourself too thin and try to be everywhere. Is your website e-commerce B2C? Perhaps your focus should be Instagram and Facebook. Or maybe it is B2B and you need to prioritize Linkedin. Pinterest might make sense for a creative business, and Youtube could be a good way to post educational videos or testimonials if you are focused on creating these. 

Once you allocate the right channels, it is time to create your accounts. Don’t ignore the input from your branding agency in Dubai – your platforms need to represent your brand well, from the look and feel to the tone of voice. Use your brand guidelines to get the brand identity across. Make sure all the important information is easily accessible so that your potential clients can reach you any time, and your website’s URL is always visible. 

Create a regular posting schedule that consists of not only promoting your products and services but also sharing relevant industry news, commemorating big occasions (especially those relevant to your target audience), providing advice and tips, and other content that will pique interest and resonate with your visitors. Make sure to use your posts to drive them to your website, for example, link the advice-based posts to your blog, create a short video about your new website launch, use the posts that showcase your products to link to your e-commerce platform, and more. 

With engaging and relevant content and the right tone of voice, you can build your brand presence, create trust, and get loads of new visitors to go to your website.

2. Join industry-relevant groups

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook allow users to join different groups with their personal profile. Whether you are managing your social media yourself or are using expert’s help, there should be a personal profile allocated to networking and interacting with potential customers on a more personal level, and groups are ideal for this. 

With a little research, you can easily find groups tied to your industry and reach out to them. Once you join, don’t use the group to spam by simply posting ads for your product or service, but rather prove yourself helpful and contribute meaningfully. You can do this by sharing tips and advice, linking to your blog or even sharing important news from other sources. 

Communicate authentically and build trust, at which point even when you do promote your offers, you won’t come across as a salesperson but as an expert who is helping out. A great way to boost the efforts of your e-commerce web design agency to position your brand as a professional in digital sales. 

3. Use hashtags smartly

Make sure your digital marketing agency in Dubai is on top of trending content and latest hashtags. As an aspiring business leader, you should be in the front lines with trending content. 

It helps to follow the news, work out a calendar identifying meaningful occasions, and using a website blog to write relevant content. Having someone to do professional copywriting helps because you don’t want to come across as inauthentic. 

Research hashtags used by your competitors and industry leaders. Research those used by your target audience. Keep up to date with new hashtags that are just trending. Apply these wherever it is relevant, build your posts around them, but don’t go overboard or apply them indiscriminately. 

Through trial and error, you can see which work well and fine-tune your approach. 

4. Use Social Media ads to reach more people

Social media platforms are an incredibly convenient way to advertise your company to targeted groups. Whether you are boosting your posts on Facebook, using Instagram promotions, click ads on Linkedin & Twitter or promoted pins on Pinterest, these channels empower you with a unique ability to choose whom to target and monitor the results so that you can always optimize your approach. You can also choose how much you spend on each ad and stick to your budget while measuring your goals. 

A good advertising agency in Dubai can tell you that on top of regular content that is important for organic growth and brand awareness, paid advertising helps you reach people you’d otherwise miss and draw them to your newly designed e-commerce website. 

The important thing is that you invested in a professional agency that is specialized in website development in Dubai so all the clicks end up in conversions, not bounces.

5. Invest in creating video content

Video content does great on social media, and even on the website. Users find it engaging, and it does wonders to get the message across while holding viewers’ fickle attention span. 

YouTube, of course, is the main platform for hosting videos, but from Instagram to Facebook and Linkedin, all social media platforms are video-friendly – only some specifications might vary. This is the way to advertise your products, talk about your company, and create a buzz about your new website. 

From a corporate video to short how-to clops or even clips of your team in action, every type of video has its purpose and reinforces your brand. To make sure you are doing it right, we recommend picking a social media agency that has some experience in video production, video editing, animation and general content creation

6. Showcase testimonials and previous work

Most users read and trust reviews as if they were word of mouth. If you are a new business with a new website developed by a web design company in Dubai, you might not yet have many reviews and testimonials to showcase. But a great way to get them is your social media!

Invite your new customers to leave a review, or even offer a free trial for a testimonial. Look into connecting with influencers who already have a faithful following, and send them some product samples for their feedback. 

Once you have even a few quality reviews, promote them further on your social media, tag the people or companies you are working with for credibility, and don’t stop referencing good work you’ve already done. After all, seeing a strong portfolio speaks louder than the best-written company briefs. 

7. Organize contests to promote your special offers

Audiences LOVE a good discount, an offer, or a chance to win something for free. A good way to get them to engage with your brand is by creating innovative games and contests that will boost brand awareness and promote your products in the process. 

Social media is a great place to advertise such offers and grab attention, after which you can drive visitors to your website. Just keep in mind that you need to be very clear about the process and actions you expect them to take, whether it is to like and repost, go to your website and fill in a form or read the details, or something else. You need to identify your main objective and then utilize your social media to achieve that goal. 

Try to make sure you get contact information from all your contestants via a website form, which will provide you with a great database for email marketing. Above all, you have to deliver on your promise and show that your brand is trustworthy!

8. Use teasers to announce your website launch

If you already have a social media presence and your website development agency in Dubai is just finishing up your gorgeous new website, make a big deal out of it. Start creating a buzz by sparking curiosity. 

Teasers are a great way to build anticipation and plant the seed of interest into audiences’ heads through time. Hint that something huge is coming. Work with experts in graphic design in Dubai or a good full-service creative agency in Dubai to create original artworks that will resonate and grab attention. 

Post regularly, create a build-up, give them just enough to wait for more, and then launch a stunning clip about your new platform finally going live. Just make sure the website lives up to the expectations!

9. Use social listening to build meaningful bonds

Your goal should be to always find new customers. You can do this by thinking of different phrases related to your industry sector and then searching for them on social media channels. This will lead you to company hashtags and new users looking for what you have to offer. 

Start following those people and take the initiative to interact with them genuinely – don’t come across as stiff, corporate or only interested in making a sale. You are representing your brand so interactions with you should lead to an excellent brand experience, at which point you can start generating excitement for your website. 

If your digital marketing agency is doing this, pay close attention to make sure they understand your product and your brand.

10. Be a good communicator

If you have a vibrant social media presence with the goal to get more visitors to your website, your social media marketing agency in Dubai might end up getting lazy and responding to all enquiries with a website link and contact details. 

Don’t do that! Even if your ultimate goal is for people to read the information or buy the products from the website, you have to understand that on social media, they want human interaction. So be a good communicator. Ask them about what they are looking for and listen. Send them links to the relevant website pages and explain why you are sharing them. Make them understand that they can always contact you again if anything is unclear. 

A little personal touch goes a long way!


After a professional website design & development agency in Dubai finished building you a beautiful online platform for e-commerce or information about your brand, you need to start showcasing it and generating authentic excitement for this new website. 

You will achieve this by letting your potential customers know that this website serves to make their lives easier and richer. To save them money and time. The right place to explain all this is your social media. 

We recommend working with a full-service creative agency in Dubai.

They will work with you on your branding, web development, serve as an SEO agency, and help you manage and advertise on your social media channels. Having one agency to manage all will make sure you have a solid strategy and every new step builds perfectly on the previous effort.

Start empowering your brand now and get in touch to consult about your website and the best social media strategy for your brand.

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