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Landing Pages are an essential factor in Lead Generation, and support every good digital marketing and social media marketing strategy – just ask any professional agency that does digital marketing in Dubai.

People might think that a landing page design is simple and standard because it offers succinct information, unlike a full website. However, it takes an experienced website design agency in Dubai to create a landing page that is persuasive, compelling and effective in conversion and lead generation. 

Realistically, most landing pages fail to increase conversions because they were done by amateurs or as a side project of a busy website development company in Dubai. There are ways to improve conversion rates through professional website design and development, which will benefit all of your other digital marketing efforts. 

First impressions are everything, and your landing page has about 7 seconds to impress the visitor. What makes a great first impression? Appealing design, simplicity, user-friendliness, and a promise of a great user experience. 

From social media marketing to your search engine optimization strategy or Google Ads, follow this advice to make the most out of your landing page and boost your e-commerce instead of wasting money.

Here are some things you should do when designing a landing page for your business:

1. Responsive Design

Your visitors will come upon your landing page when using various devices, usually their smartphones – especially if your landing page is connected with your social media advertising. While it is a given that a good web design agency in Dubai uses responsive web designs, your web developers should go an extra mile to make it especially appealing and engaging across platforms.

2. Identify Your Target

Instead of just designing a generic landing page, your website development agency should look into your target audience before putting together a strategy. Maybe your target is the same as your broader client base, or perhaps you are targeting a more niche group, and your landing page is the opportunity to reflect this and make sure your brand speaks directly to the target on this platform. By thinking about how people will come to find your landing page in the first place, you need to identify the questions that the page needs to answer, the visual cues that will convince them they’re in the best possible place for them and create a user interface (UI) that will inspire them to take action.

3. Make It Purposeful

Your website design agency in Dubai already built you a nice website with loads of information about your company and products, which can also work as an e-commerce website. But the goal of a landing page is to fulfil a very specific and clearly defined purpose – perhaps to push a single product or a service, inform about an event or an offer or introduce a loyalty programme. So don’t get lost in irrelevant details and get straight to the point, because your purpose needs to be clear to the user too. You will achieve this by creating relevant CTA’s, sign-up forms, high-quality image of the product you’re boosting and elaboration on why the target needs what you’re offering. 

4. Choose the Right Software

There are several options to choose from but the agency that does your website development in Dubai should be able to advise you and give you a brief about the features you get with each. This can play a big role in your search engine optimisation (SEO) success as well as other functionalities, including e-commerce, responsiveness and more.

5. Write Compelling Headers

You were probably told to not use too much copy, but the art is in saying a lot with little words. A good copywriter in Dubai can help you create enticing headlines that instantly grab attention, provide information and motivate the user to act. 

You also need to work closely with your SEO Agency in Dubai to ensure that the headers match the meta descriptions. 

6. Focus on the UX

User experience is increased by the beautiful UI, including clean and simple navigation, good page organization, visual content (images and videos) and obvious, non-confusing CTA-s. The page also needs to be helpful, which means the content needs to be informative and address your target’s challenges, offer value, make the conversion process simple and make it easy for them to reach you if needed. 

7. Include Unique, Relevant Visuals

Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and that visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than the written words?

Photo, video and animation make for engaging visual content, but they should serve a purpose and be relevant to your offer. Instead of using stock, create original content that will make you stand apart from your competition. To do that, work with a creative advertising agency in Dubai that is skilled at content creation. 

8. Keep it Clean

Although it’s a cliche, less is more when it comes to your landing page. The less busy your landing page is, the easier it is for the user to navigate it and understand what you want them to do.

9. Reflect Your Brand Identity

Although a landing page has a more niche focus and might require a slightly different approach from your main website due to a specific target audience, your brand identity still needs to be unmistakable. Make sure your web design company follows your brand guidelines and incorporates your colours and style so that the visors leave the landing page with a brand recall. Have a good branding agency in Dubai review the page before launching it. The goal is not just to get a customer, but to get a returning customer.

10. Include Live Chat

Your visitors will want to be able to contact you and get a quick reply and support if there are any doubts. While visible contact details are a must, a live chat is most users’ preference. You don’t want to lose a customer just because they weren’t able to get a fast answer about an enquiry. Just make sure that someone from your staff really is there to provide the needed guidance. 

11. Include Useful Give-Aways

To get a competitive edge and give your visitor another reason not to bounce, provide them with a free-of-cost give-away. It can be very useful, expert advice. It can be a template or a special offer. Make the users’ lives easier once and they will make sure to remember you and award you with the customer loyalty you seek out. It will also make you look more credible and trustworthy to purchase from.

12. Use Trust Signals

If your goal is getting customers, you need to convince users that you are trustworthy and reputable. This is achieved through trust signals. They can come in many forms, from customer testimonials and video endorsements to logos of established previous customers. “Like” counters are also a neat method that displays endorsements you got through likes from different social media platforms. Trust badges that show certifications and awards can be immensely important in many industries. 

Online users also have a good level of anxiety that makes them hesitant to give their personal information and have probably been burnt with the amount of spam they have come to expect. Adding privacy messages, asking for only reasonable information, and the use of security seals can help with that.

13. Keep the Forms Short

Don’t make the user feel like its a hassle to sign up or purchase from you. Make it easy, quick and intuitive. You might be tempted to make an elaborate form to help you collect a lot of data, but this will also discourage your potential customer. In addition to it being inconvenient, many users are also not comfortable with providing personal data – most users are fine with providing their name and email, but asking for phone numbers, gender or date of birth can cause your drop off rate to increase by 50%. That is why you should focus on asking only the essential questions and at best making any additional information an option, not a requirement. 

14. Match the Copy With Google Ads

If you are doing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements, the words and phrases used in your landing page copy should match the text from the ads. Repeating the same language is reassuring for the visitors and shows that you are consistent and reliable. It will lead to fewer bounces!


A simple landing page requires a lot of thought to be truly effective – most are not. Since this is the tool that is meant to make you revenue, don’t neglect the power of website design and render it useless.

Once live, continue testing your page and tracking results so that you can keep optimizing your page and measuring an increase in conversion. 

Start today by contacting an experienced web design agency in Dubai for consultation. 

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