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No matter what your main objectives are that made you hire a web design agency in Dubai to build your website, your brand presence should never be pushed aside. Yes, you want to get leads, sell products and promote your services, but a website without a brand personality will fail to create brand recall and loyalty that keeps clients coming back to you after a successful transaction. 

We always advise working with a branding agency in Dubai that is also a professional in website design and development. That way, your wonderful new website will always boost your brand awareness and promote your brand. 

Of course, you should be working with a talented agency that does web development in Dubai because a poorly designed website will reflect badly on your company as a whole. 

With our long experience in both branding and web design / web development, here is some advice that will ensure your brand identity is consistently maintained on your digital platforms:

1. Reevaluate your logo

Take a good look at your logo and its allowed applications as per your brand guidelines. Is it going to draw attention on the website? Does the balance between the icon and the typeface make it legible at an appropriate size? Is it neat or overly complex and busy? Does it work with the website design style of your choice?

Your logo will need to be instantly visible to anyone who enters your website, so if you have any doubts or feel it needs a little face-lift, your first step should be contacting a branding agency and working on your company’s logo design. Your brand’s story starts with an amazing logo.

2. Use your brand colours

The colours used on your website will play a huge role in how the user experiences your company, so you need to make sure your colour scheme matches your brands’ (if you feel that your brand colours don’t leave the desired impact, consider a brand revamp). Otherwise, the user might confuse you for another company, or simply fail to recognize you next time around. 

A professional website design & development agency should be able to integrate your primary and secondary colours, and tastefully apply them to headlines, background images, banners and buttons. Accent shades can be used in navigation tabs, links, menus and icons. There is room to play, but there should be a consistent logic your website design company in Dubai uses throughout the website.

3. Use simple brand fonts

Your brand requires a consistent typeface. The branding company that created your brand identity with the brand guidelines would think of various applications of the brand font and specify its applications on the digital platforms. If your typeface isn’t compatible with all internet browsers you will need to find an alternative Webfont/Google Font that suits your brand. Aesthetics are important, but legibility comes first and foremost.

While it is not a huge web design crime to play with fonts and branch out a bit, staying true to your typeface is very important. Too much variety and randomness will distract from your message, so we suggest in addition to your brand font, possibly choosing one or two alternatives that complement each other and work well with the brand image. Your UI designers need to also ensure to apply these with logical consistency.

4. Use whitespace

It may seem odd that we are bringing up whitespace here, seemingly unrelated to your brand identity. But it plays a huge role in how the user will perceive your brand – if at all. Layouts that utilize whitespace boost attention span and comprehension rates by up to 20% and ensure the users don’t get overstimulated with information. 

A lot of users leave websites without any brand recall, and that is often because they got overwhelmed by content. Balanced website design with good use of whitespace will make your website look more professional and more organized, which speaks volumes about your company in general.

5. Share your story

You don’t have to write essays, but putting a personal touch to your website will make you more memorable. Share a story about how and why you started your business. Introduce your founder or your team. Tell the visitors about your values. Explain why your method is different than that of your competitors. 

There are many ways to approach this and they depend on the personality you want your company to have. The key is to be sincere and convincing. If you write about your values, do it with passion. If you’re introducing your team, make it personable. A good copywriter can help you with this so that instead of sounding boring you end up winning your visitors over.

6. Use the right tone of voice and address your target

A part of your brand identity is finding your brand’s personality and with it, its tone of voice. The tone of voice will be defined by the metrics such as funny vs serious; formal vs casual; respectful vs irreverent; enthusiastic vs factual… all of these could work well if they resonate with the brand’s target audience. 

Once you’ve analyzed your target and set the tone of voice, be consistent. Often companies apply copy from different sources on their pages and end up coming across as disjointed and insincere. Also, remember that you are talking to your target, so make sure to address them and use an active voice to create compelling calls to action.

7. High-quality, original photos

A lot of brands don’t have many good images of their products, services and company, so they go with stock. While stock images can look professional and be of good quality, they are so overused that your website won’t have an authentic brand feel to it. 

On the other hand, using low quality, unedited photos taken with your phone will look completely unprofessional. We recommend outlining the needed website imagery and doing a professional photoshoot. It might seem like a hassle, but a one day shoot can provide you with a website that not only looks great but stands out, and that is long-lasting.

8. Integrate your social media

Your social media platforms provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with your target and maintain ongoing communication. Your website should encourage visitors to get to know your brand by following you on your channels. 

Do you need any help managing your social media accounts? Consult with a good social media agency in Dubai to help you with your regular platform management. You don’t need to be active on all channels, just the ones relevant to your brand and target audience.


Your website is an extension of your brand and should be designed with your brand identity in mind. In fact, your brand identity needs to be created with your website in mind. By working with a full-scope creative advertising agency in Dubai, you will ensure all your needs are taken care of. 

If you are wondering whether your brand identity needs a revamp or whether your website design doesn’t represent your company well enough, get consultation now.

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