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A good UX Design serves two objectives that go hand in hand. One is to provide your target audience with a delightful digital experience that will make them stay on your website and keep on coming back. The other is to effectively communicate with them and compel them to act in a way that matches your business objectives. 

You want to look for a website design & development agency in Dubai that can give you the maximum conversion rate from your website, and turn visitors into leads, buyers (in case of e-commerce websites) and your brand ambassadors. For that, you need web developers that understand your target’s behaviour and psychology and will design a website that guides the visitor towards taking action that furthers your brand’s business objectives.

Here are some web design suggestions a good agency should bring up with you during the consultations.

1. Call to Action Elements

Simple, a compelling website needs sections or buttons that grab attention and call to action in a clear, inviting and direct way.

UI is really important to ensure these elements are standing out without being irritating or obtrusive, and make them instead attractive, intuitive and helpful to the user. By applying right colours, impactful copy (active verbs!) and right placings, this is an element a website shouldn’t go without. 

2. Excellent Imagery

Today, the audience prefers visual content over text. Videos and images play a huge role here. Especially if you have an e-commerce website, attractive product images are almost all the story you need.

Stock images can be useful and convenient but they are so commonly used that by now users can tell the difference, even subconsciously, and lose interest. Authentic photographs are a way to go, and we advise scheduling a photo shoot with a professional photography agency to provide your visitors with relevant, original visual content that will keep them engaged.

3. Well-Written Headlines & Typography

Headings, and in fact all website content, should serve to answer your visitor’s questions and provide them with the information they are looking for. Titles are also the place where you need to apply your keywords for SEO purposes, for instance, Google Search Engine gives them more weight than other content. 

Writing headlines that are informative, use the right keywords and yet read well is what separates good websites from great ones. Also, applying distinctive typography and attractive UI design can turn a headline into a piece of art. Look for an agency in Dubai that is competent not only in website development but also content creation, branding and design. A full-service creative branding agency is an ideal choice.

4. Bullet Points

Summarizing your content so that the user can digest it quickly is a good way to get your message through while not losing the visitor’s attention. You want to have good content writing support so that nothing important gets left out, while nothing irrelevant distracts the message. 

Impactful short copy is an art in itself, but having too much text can put the user off. Many digital marketing agencies advise a lot of copy for SEO purposes, but true digital marketing experts will know how to balance this with good UX and how to write meaningfully.

5. White Space

Many clients worry about white space and want to fill it up with content. But every experienced website designer in Dubai will tell you that having white space is crucial to attractive UI. When you give some breathing space around copy, titles and images, user’s pay significantly more attention to the content.

It also makes the website look clean, neat and professional. Nothing screams amateurism more than cluttered content and elements fighting each other for user’s attention – resulting only in exhaustion. 

6. Arrangements

There are many visual elements that a layman can’t point their finger to, that can tremendously add to a professional, attractive look and feel. Experienced UX and UI designers know how to balance different elements and create a stunning visual design. 

Some things to be mindful of that can negatively affect your website’s look and feel is having too much clutter and busy layouts; using small fonts; being too heavy on the copy; not using paragraphs, headings and bullet points to format the copy so that it’s more readable; poor alignments; lack of margins and white space and more.

6. Functional Links

Users don’t appreciate when links on the website don’t work and lead them to 404 error pages. It is annoying and unprofessional because it shows that your company isn’t paying attention to detail. Of course, these errors can easily happen to good websites, but a good web design agency in Dubai will use tools that can help them check for crawl errors. 

Some websites also designed cool and creative 404 pages so that in case the error happens before they can catch it, the user is at least directed to an attractive and engaging error page that easily enables them to get back to other pages. 


There is a lot that you can do to improve your website’s UX design and covert more customers. A responsive and fast loading website is a must, which is something we covered in our previous blogs.

It is always a good idea to keep freshening up your website and consult with web design agencies in Dubai to see how your current website can be improved.

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