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We apply innovative concepts
to create brand loyalty.

Our brand activation ideas grab your target’s attention, provide memorable interactive experiences, evoke emotions, build relationships and create a lasting buzz.

Services | Brand Activation

Brand Activation Services in Dubai

A way to show your audience who you are & why they should support you. As an experienced branding agency in Dubai, Evox can build lasting connections with your target audience.


It all starts with a good plan backed by research and in tune with the brand objectives. We create scenarios your target will be drawn to engage in.


Whether it is a mall-activation like a treasure hunt, an outdoor event, a class or a cause, our great idea has to take place in the spot where your audience will see it.


Our designers, animators and content writers create concepts that are attention-grabbing, deeply relevant, innovative and realistic.


Attention to detail and flawless coordination is essential to ensure your brand activation is executed smoothly and delivers the desired reaction from your audience.