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Best Social Media Aggregator Tools For 2020

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Nowadays, social media influence has grown immensely over the billions of users and millions of brands globally especially for the users, social media has become a necessity.

Be it communication or shopping or exploring products & services or even accessing & browsing engaging content, users are investing a huge amount of their time on social media platforms.

This makes it important for the brands & marketers to leverage the opportunities that social media presents into other channels as well. This is where the role of social media aggregator comes in.

What Is A Social Media Aggregator?

A Social media aggregator helps in the discovery, collection, and curation of content from different social media platforms into a feed using hashtags, handles, profiles, pages, channels, etc.

The feed is called as Social media feed or also known as Social wall or social feed or UGC feed. You can display these feeds on different channels beyond social media like websites, digital signages, events, etc.

Social media aggregation helps in leveraging the engaging content from social platforms be it branded content or user-generated content as your marketing campaigns.

The aggregation of the most valuable & relevant content for marketing helps in building trust, credibility, advocacy, user engagement, and most importantly drive conversions.

Best Social Media Aggregator Tools For 2020

Here are some of the best social media aggregation tools that you can leverage to create social media feeds and empower your marketing campaigns across different channels.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is one of the best and most popular social media aggregators that helps you build trust, increase user engagement, and grow conversions with solutions to discover, curate, and display social media feeds.

You can curate content from over 15 social media platforms using different components like hashtags, handles, profiles, channels, pages, feeds, timelines, etc. depending on the choice of platform.

The tool comes with customization options to make your feed look captivating with different theme options, fonts & layouts, colors, design elements, etc. Also, the tool has an option for content moderation to remove or restrict irrelevant content from your social wall.

Besides that, you also get features like UGC rights management, split-screen content play, measuring performance through analytics, easy integration to website platforms & devices, fast & responsive design, shoppable content tags, etc.

The tool allows you to use it for different purposes like website or events or digital signages, or more. You can avail of their 2 weeks of free trial to explore all these benefits for yourself.

2. Curator

Curator is also a popular social media aggregator that lets you curate and display content from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

The tool is known to be quite easy to use and has many features for customizing your social media feeds like themes, styles, designs, etc. with a simple user interface.

It is also SEO friendly as it uses Javascript and has active customer support that can assist you instantly and solve your queries. It is mobile-friendly giving you the opportunity to display your social media feeds on mobile and small devices as well.

The tool gives you the ability to embed you social media feeds on a website easily without any hassle and the pricing for this tool is competitive and there are plans that you can choose from.

3. HootSuite

Hootsuite is quite a different type of social media aggregator and it also falls into the category of social media management tool. It provides you with the option to link your social media profiles to Hootsuite.

When you link your social media profiles, it then fetches your posts into your Hootsuite dashboard from where you can manage your social media content.

The interface is quite simple and easy to use that does not require any complex knowledge for management. You can integrate platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The best part for this tool is that it provides you the ability to schedule your social media posts along with easy uploading of the images, videos, text posts, and more.

The layout is easy and you can use it through mobile devices as well. But the challenge is that it is designed for publishing on social media and not other marketing channels.


Juicer states that it is a simple social media aggregator tool to aggregate content from social media platforms using profiles or hashtags into a single beautiful social media feed.

It lets you curate content from various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, etc. The tool provides you with beautiful customization options to make your social media feed more engaging and interesting.

The social media feeds are responsible for diverse devices and screen sizes and you can easily embed it on your website without any hassle. The tool lets you enable the automatic updates to the feed and pulls the content automatically.

Besides these, the tool also has a moderation option to maintain a premium quality for your social media feed and delete irrelevant content along with active customer support.


These were some of the best social media aggregator tools out there in 2020 that you can leverage to create your social media feeds marketing campaign.

The social media aggregator minimize your hassle for creating and managing content for marketing campaigns and empowers your campaigns to be more effective and cost-efficient.

So, choose the best tool that suits your objectives and requirements perfectly and start leveraging it to drive your brand growth & success through integrating social media content with other important and useful marketing channels.

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