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With each passing year, the design trends for websites and logo keeps evolving. But, when studied in detail, the trend shows that the design of yesteryears does keep coming back with slight moderation. The graphic designers nowadays have several AI tools that will help them to design unique looking websites and logos.

Logos play an important role in the branding of a business. So, moving forward we can be assured that there will be several trends that will evolve in logo designing with the help of AI tools. The year 2021 was dominated by 3 D logos and wordmarks, now let’s see what will be the logo designing trend for 2022.

Here are the top 6 logo design trends that will catch up in 2022.

1. Logos With Blurred Images and Letters

Research among the designer community shows that the designers will be using blur effects on the logos they design. The blur effect is going to be a major trend when designing logos in 2022. When a business thinks about designing a logo for their brand, they mostly think about designing a logo that is clear and visible.

But that trend is changing now, designers are now experimenting with adding the blur effect on the logo or the words used as a logo to bring uniqueness to the design and brand.

2. Creating Vibrant & Colourful Logos

Using the right colour scheme based on the service offered by the business can make a logo look unique. One of the upcoming trends in 2022 is to design logos with vibrant colours that will make the logo look unique and help the brand have its own uniqueness.

When it comes to vibrant colours, designers are using candy colours like yellow, violet and sea green to make the logos to look unique.

3. Experimenting With Fonts

Creating logos with different font styles is also catching up in 2022. Designers are now using retro and futuristic font styles to design a logo. They are using retro style when a brand offers some traditional products or services, and futuristic fonts when they want to project the brand to youngsters or the brand deals with products or services of the future.

4. Designing Logos Using Outlines

Designing logos using outlines are gaining popularity in 2022. One of the advantages of the outline logo’s are that they can look both trendy and retro at the same time.  Also when we use subtle colours to design the outline logo it can look very classy.

So, designers are now experimenting a lot with outline logo and they are mostly used in gif logo’s with animation.

5. Stretched Logo’s

Stretched logos are similar to blurred logos. It’s a new trend that is catching up fast with the designers. Designers use the concept of stretched logos when they want to project a brand as one that is limitless and that can help its customers to achieve unparalleled heights.

Designers use curves to design these logo’s. Or they just make part of the logo stretched to give an infinite impression to the brand.

6. Lowercase Logo’s Are Back In Trend

Lowercase logos are back in trend in 2022. Lowercase logos are not a new trend, they have been already used by several popular brands like Adidas and Amazon.

But in 2022, this trend of designing logos with lowercase letters are catching up again, but with slight moderation. Nowadays, instead of using straight lowercase letters, designers are designing the letters to look like images. They design these letters in a way that shows what the brand stands for and it looks trendy and futuristic

7. Adding Layers and Elements To Logos

Adding geometric elements and layers is also fast catching up with logo designing trends. Designers are experimenting with combinations adding geometric elements and colour combinations that will provide uniqueness and a classic look to the logos.

Similar to the blurred and stretched logos, the purpose of creating logos with geometric elements and layers is to make them look unique. The clarity and legibility factors take a back seat when creating logos using layers and elements.

8. Using Art in Logo

Another major trend that is fast catching up in 2022 is using of art in the logo. Using art in the logo will add class to the logo and at the same time, it provides a sense of luxury to the brand. Art logos are mainly used by high-end Spa’s, and beauty products that look to project the brand as a class and a luxury one that targets HNI’s.


These are some of the evolving trends of logo design in 2022. Evox being one of the professional and best logo design agency in Dubai, we keep updating ourselves on the latest trends and help our clients by designing logos that are unique and shows what the brand stands for. Contact us now for all your logo designing requirements.

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