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  /  Design   /  8 Things You Should Think About When Revamping Your Website

Knowing the importance of having an excellent website to represent your business and convert your visitors into customers, you may have been looking for a professional website design & development agency in Dubai to help you with a redesign. 

To make sure the changes are meaningful for the user experience (UX) and your business objectives, instead of just slight touch-ups on your design, you should venture into this process with some clear objectives in mind. 

Here are some tips on what your website should be offering your business and your potential customers so that you can easily align with your web development agency in Dubai on how best to achieve this:

1. Define your goals

Before you begin, make sure you are clear on the goals you want to accomplish and what the priorities are. Improving ROI or getting more clients is an obvious answer, but be a little more specific and look for measurable, obtainable goals that will help you set a timeline and track results. For example, perhaps you also want to offer detailed information, strengthen your brand awareness, improve direct sales (if e-commerce website) or direct visitors to contact you and so on.

2. Increase the number of visitors and conversions

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or unique a website is, it is only successful if it fulfils its main objective – furthering your business. You measure this by the number of visitors, leads and customers it gives you. To get visitors, you need to invest in your search engine optimization (SEO). To convert them into customers, your website needs to be UX-focused and compelling, with clearly laid out information, intuitive and easy navigation and calls to action. 

3. Identify your strengths and protect your assets

Before making changes on your website, you need to identify the positive parts about your existing website that appeal to your existing clientele. Especially if SEO work has already been done, you don’t want to lose your ranking by making radical and unnecessary changes to the content. Sometimes your website design and development agency might lack the research and understanding of your business and overly focus on design, or simply try to push you for a bigger change than needed. If you need help with this, go with a web design company that is experienced in marketing, content creation and branding (especially brand strategy) as well as web development. 

4. Follow your brand guidelines – or revamp your brand first

When revamping your website, your brand identity should not be forgotten out of the desire to show a more drastic visual change. It is important that your website developers understand your brand guidelines and don’t lose track of your brand personality and recognizability for the sake of new design. This will confuse your existing customers and affect your brand recall. However, if your brand identity is lacking or you don’t even have any clear guidelines in place, we advise you to spend a little time on a brand revamp before starting with a website. Working with an experienced branding agency in Dubai is the way to go. 

5. Focus on your content

Without a good understanding of your business and offer, your web design agency will not be able to shape their design around emphasizing the key points, telling your story and ultimately converting the visitor. You need to either prepare a strong content from your end, or better yet, work with good content creators and copywriters who will be able to research your company, industry and competitors, and help you present your business in a way that captures attention and convinces the visitor that you are the right company for them to do business with.

6. Help your SEO efforts by updating your content

The more content the better, and Google algorithm rewards fresh content which points to a vibrant and active website. If you take our advice and work with a web design company that is also experienced in content creation, you will be able to create an ongoing content strategy. Blogs are a great way to keep adding new content while making it interesting and educational for the visitor. Your digital marketing agency should be involved from the start and give you good tips on how to make sure your new website further boosts your ranking in Google’s search engine. 

7. Improve your website responsiveness

While this seems very basic and we talk about it a lot, a good UX demands more than just conversion of the web design to other platforms. Knowing how many people browse from their phone, your website design company shouldn’t treat responsiveness as an afterthought but should actively seek to make your site intuitive and enjoyable to the mobile user. 

8. Track your visitors and conversions

Since the whole point was to increase the number of visitors and conversions, you can only evaluate the website’s success by tracking these metrics. This can help you identify weaknesses, emphasize the strengths and keep on improving. It also enables you to see whether the website design agency you were using delivered the promised results.

Revamping your website is necessary to stay fresh, improve your UX, and show that you’re a vibrant, active company. But it should be done with a clear purpose in mind and a strategic approach, otherwise it is just a waste of time and effort. It is important to keep a good balance between improvements without losing the elements that made your old website good in the first place. For all these reasons, the best advertising agency to do your website is the one with expertise not only in web design and development, but also in branding, content creation, and digital marketing. Look into their work portfolio to ensure they have the needed experience. 

Do you want to consult about your current website? Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect today.