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8 Must Have AI Tools For Businesses in 2023

AI-powered tools can help businesses mimic human actions, automate processes, reduce errors, enhance customer experiences, improve decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in 2023. Though the specific tools required may vary based on the industry, size, and unique needs of the business, here are a few that can come in handy for most of us.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is regarded as one of the most efficient AI-powered writing assistant. It creates various kinds of texts, including short or long phrases, sentences, paragraphs, or even essays based on the given subject and tone of voice. It creates amazing content based on the input that we give, and we have to be mindful of feeding in the most appropriate keywords.

Over 50 AI content production templates are available on this platform. It includes blog posts, emails, marketing text, Facebook ads, Google ads, meta titles and descriptions, press releases, and more. If we spend some time and some brain work, Jasper can create wonders for us in the form of articles which can even be of more than 1500 words in no time.


Fireflies is a popular natural language processing tool that simplifies the process of making notes and recording talks during any important meetings and discussions. It can record and transcribe calls instantly. It can even translate live meetings or audio files that we upload. It has got a chrome extension to capture meetings and calls directly from the browser. It can calso integrate with apps such as Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

The free version with limited features is a good place to start with, and its pro subscription starts from $10/month. We can opt for the business plan with different features at $19/month based on our requirements.


Grammarly is an AI-powered spelling and grammar-checking tool. It can analyze our work using an AI system to ensure that we are using proper grammar. It can also comprehend our tone and notify us if we are too formal, informal or friendly. It checks for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation mistakes. This tool helps content writers and content wrting agencies to write flawless content.

Grammarly offers a free trial with limited features and a subscription model with two plans starting from $15/month. If we sign up for the subscription plan, it offers comprehensive rewrite ideas that will simplify our job and improve the overall quality of our work.

This is an incredible AI- powered project management platform to improve our team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity by customizing any workflow to match our evolving needs. It helps to streamline and centralize all our work, processes, tools, and files into one Work OS to yield maximum productivity.

It also connects teams and bring them together to drive greater business impact. This effective collaboration platform helps our organization to get a wider and clearer picture of all our work with customizable dashboards which in turn reach our goals better and faster.

Power BI

Power BI is a data visualization tool that helps us derive the right data and pulls them into a report, easily turning the data into actionable insights. It helps to centralize and organize data into engaging visuals with industry-leading data analysis tools – powered by AI – and an approachable drag-and-drop report canvas.

These insights can be turned easily into decisions, and they can be infused into the other apps that we use such as Microsoft 365 by safeguarding our data in a trusted and secure hub. It also helps in tracking real-time metrics across any rapidly growing business.


Hootuite is one of the mush have tool to improve the social media marketing of your business. It helps to schedule and publish content to all of our social media channels, track the effectiveness of each post in real-time, and identify top-performing content. With customizable dashboard, it helps to view all of our social media content (scheduled and published) in one calendar. It also makes it easier to create new posts and organize existing ones.

This AI-driven social media management software makes the life of many social media mangers so much better. There is a free 30-day trial version available with limited feature or we can even go for paid subscriptions, based on our needs.


It is a data-science-driven deep jobs platform that enables recruitment at anybody’s fingertips. It is a fully remote company of 600+ people who help connect world-class remote software engineers with world-class companies. With a mission to unleash the world’s untapped human potential, it helps companies set up their engineering teams in the cloud.

It helps to hire deeply vetted developers and get fully managed tech services to find solutions to our toughest business problems. It leverages global sourcing, intelligent vetting, extensive matching, and payment compliance.


Missive is an AI-driven collaborative email management tool for businesses that uses our canned responses to generate replies for us. We can quickly create and reply to emails, fix grammar and spelling errors, translate messages, and even customize it to our specific needs using your own prompts. Thus, we can eliminate the tedious task of typing out the same responses over and over again.

It uses natural language processing (NLP) machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze our email patterns and prioritizes our inbox. They can automatically categorize emails, filter out spam, and sort messages, helping you focus on important communications. We can also generate personalized emails using such an AI email assistant which lets us communicate effectively and efficiently while spending less time managing our inbox.

These are the 8 must have AI tools for businesses in 2023. These tools will help you streamline your business proces, and will help your business to grow to next level.

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