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Writing quality and engaging content does not only help your website or webpage to rank for the related keywords; it also helps your users to stay in your website for a long time. When your content provides solutions to readers questions, then they start to trust you on the subject expertise.

You need not to be a professional content writer to write engaging content; you need to keep in mind that your content should provide solutions to reader’s questions using simple and understandable language.

Here are 7 basic content writing tips one should follow to write an engaging content

1. Start with a keyword research

Keyword research is the base for any good content. You need to create content for which the readers are already searching for answers. An in-depth keyword research tells you what the users are searching for and what search terms they are using to search. A proper keyword research also helps you to plan the content strategy for your website.

You can start your keyword research by adding your seed keyword in Google Keywords Planner tool or you can copy your competitors website URL and paste it in SEO tools like Ahref’s and SEMrush to see for what keywords your competitors are ranking for. This will be the best place to start your keyword research. If it’s all very complex, then you can use the help of a SEO agency to do keyword research and provide you with content topics.

2. Know your readers

When you start writing the content, you should know for whom you are writing the content. You should know your readers intent. You should know if your readers are searching for informational content or looking for product reviews to help them in their buying decision. Knowing your readers intent will help you to decide on the tone of the content you need to write.

3. Write Easily Readable Content

Readability plays an important role in keeping the readers on the web page for a longer time and get them to read the content till the end. After writing the content, you can check the readability of the content using the plugins like Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO analyses your content and gives a readability score.

Content is considered to be easily readable when it has short paragraphs, uses more simple words, uses less passive voice and have short sentences.

4. Use Call To Action (CTA)

When you decide to start writing the content, you should know what action you want the readers to take after reading the content.  When you exactly know your readers, then you will also know what actions they need to take after reading the content. Some of the commonly used CTA’s are

  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Download resources
  • Make a purchase
  • Share it on social media

When you create any of the above CTA’s, put yourself in your reader’s position and think if you are convinced to take the call of action you are asking your readers to take. If you are convinced, then you have a winning content and CTA.

5. Analyze the content written by your competitors

Analyzing the content written by your competitors will help you to understand the problems they are not addressing. The purpose of any content is to provide solution to reader’s questions. So, after finalizing the keyword and title to write, I would suggest you to analyze the content written by the competitors.

Take note of the points they have made and points they have missed to add. Also, make note of points you can improvise. Also, analyze the average words used in all those published contents. Making note of all these points will help you to understand the points you need to add to the content you are about to write and the points where you can improvise.

6. Research and link to your sources

When writing content, it is always suggested to make in-depth research. And you may also quote a few points from other website sources. When you quote images or quotes from another website, make sure to link to your sources. If you are very concerned about sending your reader to another website, you can then add the hyperlink to open in a new tab.

7. Keep the content SEO friendly

Apart from writing the content for your readers, you should also make sure that the content is SEO-friendly. When analyzing the content, the search engine will look for variations of your primary keyword in the content. These are called LSI keywords. Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are called the variation of the primary keyword. They are not synonyms of your main keyword, but they are closely related words to your main primary keyword.

These are the 7 basic content writing tips you should follow when writing the content copy for your website or blog.

Creating professional content comes with experience, if you are new to content writing, then you can always use the content writing services of experienced agencies like Evox. We help you to improve the online presence of your brand by providing professional content writing. Get in touch with us for your content writing needs.

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