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All businesses these days use social media to improve their online presence. Businesses these days try to grow their social media accounts by acquiring followers organically and also they run paid campaigns to gain followers to their social media profiles.

When a brand’s social media profile has several thousand followers, it is definitely an achievement. But what businesses need to analyze how those several thousand followers help the brand achieve its sales targets.

Even though having a huge number of followers is a definite advantage for a brand, it is really important to have followers who are active and brands should often engage with their followers to turn their followers into leads

Here are 7 actionable tips that will help a brand turn its social media followers into leads.

1. Know Your Followers

The first step in turning your social media traffic into leads is understanding your followers. Try to know and understand what your followers are talking about, their interests and what influences their purchase decisions.

Do not only track conversations that happen on your social media page, you should also join other relevant groups and pages where your target audiences spend time. Understand what topics they are discussing and engage in meaningful conversations. You have to ensure that the conversation is meaningful and not just promoting your brand.

2. Follow-up on negative Comments

With easy access to social media, the social media profiles of the brands are the first place where a follower or a customer drops a review about the brand. If it’s a negative review then the brand should reply to the review in a constructive way and should engage with a reviewer in a positive way. If the review is genuine, then the brand should try to provide a solution and this kind of approach will help the other followers who are watching this conversation to develop trust in the brand. And this trust turns into sales and leads.

3. Create Valuable Offers

Targeted and valuable offers will act as sales funnel to improve sales. Using the conversation you had with your customers and followers, you need to create offers that provide value to your followers. When your social media followers see value in the offer you have created they will jump in to grab the offer.

To make this happen you should really know what your followers or customer wants and your offer should create extraordinary value and help solve your customer’s problems.

4. Reward Your Most Active Followers

A social media page of a brand can be a sales magnet when it has active followers. In order to encourage your followers to be more active, you can reward the most active followers. You can offer discounts on your products or services to followers who are most active on your brand’s social media page.

This will encourage other followers to be more active and your brand’s social media page or profile will become vibrant and will attract more followers.

5. Make Sharing Easy

No amount of marketing can beat the vibe generated by the existing customers who promote and market your product or services. When you publish an eye-catching video or an info graph with valuable content, make sure that your followers can easily share that information.

Similar to your social media page, when you publish well-researched content in your website’s blog, you need to place sticky social media share buttons on the page and this will help the readers to share the content if they see value in the content.

So, it’s really important to make sure that it’s easy to share the content you publish.

6. Add Call To Action Buttons

Merely publishing well-researched and valuable content on your social media profile or the website does not bring sales anymore. You need to place call to action buttons strategically to improve conversions.

You need to ask your followers to take action. When you run a campaign in your social media profile, your post should have call to action words like download now, learn more, buy now, and click here to induce the readers to take action.

The call to action words should create a sense of urgency for your followers and should push them to take action.

7. Publish regularly

One of the oldest and most basic actionable tips with social media marketing is to publish regularly. When you publish content regularly on your social media pages, it will keep your audiences engaged. When a brand does not post often, the followers will become inactive and may unfollow the page in the long term. So a brand should publish regularly to keep their followers active and engaged.

These are some of the actionable tips one can follow to convert social media traffic into sales and leads. All the above tasks need experience and will take a huge amount of time to plan and execute. So, hiring a social media agency can make this easy for a small business or an individual entrepreneur to manage these tasks.

Evox, being one of the most experienced social media marketing agencies in Dubai, can help brands improve their social media presence and can help businesses turn social media traffic into sales and leads.