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  /  Website Design   /  6 Modern Web Design Trends That Are Catching up in 2022

The last 2 years have been really tough on businesses due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Due to several restrictions on running the business in physical locations, several businesses have turned online and traditional businesses that are focusing more on physical presence have also started to look at the option to improve their online presence.

Now more and more businesses have started to understand the need for modern websites that not only supply the visitors with the information about the business but act as a platform of communication between customers and businesses.

Here are the 6 modern web design trends that are fast catching up in 2022

1. Bold Content in Hero Image

Hero image section ii a webpage can be considered as the header section of the website. This is the section where the users will be first interacting with the website. Earlier, websites used to keep sliders or static images in the hero section. But in 2022, bold content statements are taking over the images. These typography led hero images are designed with the intent of conveying the USP of the business that helps the visitors to make any buying decisions.

2. Retro Fonts Are Back in Action

Gone are the days when websites are looking for futuristic fonts. Now more and more websites are using retro fonts in their website to get that professional and vintage look. In 2022, the web designers are implementing the trends of 90s and designing the website with bright colors and using fonts like the courier to bring back the vintage look on the website. Web designers are now looking into the past to get inspiration to design future websites.

3. Creating Illusions With Borders

Having borders on a website is considered very retro. But in 2022, web designers are using borders to highlight the images and to create illusions in the images or webpage layouts. A webpage is designed as a layout and the earlier trends were showing the layouts as floating layouts without differentiating them with borders and colours, but with recent trends, the web designers are highlighting the important sections of the website using borders and background colours.

4. Single Page Designs

Single page websites are also back in trend now. Single page designs are mostly used by businesses that sell digital products. These businesses do not want the visitors to move to other pages within the website for fear of losing them. So they pack all their content on the same page and provide several call to action in-between content that will trigger the visitors to make the purchase. These kinds of designs work well for businesses who depend on Social media ads and Google ads to get traffic to their website.

5. Adding 3 Dimensional Visuals

As much as web designers have started to use retro designs and fonts, they are also using 3D designs on their website. With the common availability of high-speed internet all over the world, now web designers have the freedom to add complex 3D images and animations to the websites. Adding 3D visuals and animations provides an amazing user experience and these kinds of designs are well suited for businesses that are engaged in product design, interior design and other designing related businesses.

6. Creative Scrolling

Adding creative scrolling experience to websites is not new. But this trend is picking up lately and many websites are looking to add a better user experience when they scroll the webpage. Websites are now using psychedelic imagery and parallax effects to improve the user experience when the visitors scroll the web page. Now web designers are using fixed foreground icons or markers when the users scroll down the pages to keep them engaged.


These are the 6 modern trends that are fast catching up in the world of web design in 2022. But not all websites can use these trends. A business can only decide on the modern trend based on the service they offer.

As an experienced web design agency in Dubai, here at Evox, we carefully analyze the service offered by the business and based on the service, we suggest the colour schemes and design pattern for the website. Call us at +971 50 5882944 to know more about the web design service we offer.