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What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is how a brand is being identified in the customer’s mind. It is really important for a brand to get identified to its core values by its customers. A brand is registered in people’s mind and recalled by its logo, brand name, colours it uses and its tag name. These are the factors that help a brand to establish its identity.

So a brand should be really careful in choosing its brand name, logo, colours it use and its tag name. All these factors resonate directly with a brand and its identity.

1. Choose The Right Brand Name

Brand name is the name associated with the product or service offered by the business. A brand name should establish the kind of product or service you offer. Even recently, Facebook, which was earlier known as Facebook Inc has changed its name to Meta Platforms, Inc.

The reason is Facebook is betting big on metaverse and they no longer want to be identified as a social media company, but as a technological company that is building the future technology.

So a brand name should evolve around the origin of the product or services provided by the business. And this approach will help a business to establish its brand identity.

2. Design A Logo That Resonates With What Your Brand Offers

Similar to brand name, the logo of a business should represent the kind of industry they are in and the kind of people they serve. A brand gets its visual identity from its logo. A logo is the first identity that comes into people’s mind when they think or hear about a brand. For example, when you hear about the brand name Nike, the logo of Nike is the first thing you remember.

A logo stays with a brand for an eternity. So a business should consider several factors like the service it provides, its target customers, its target market and several other factors before finalizing the logo.

3. Use The Right Colours and graphics

Using the right kind of colours and graphics helps in better brand recognition and recall. Most of the established brands use colours like blue and red. This is because these colours are vibrant and helps a customer to get easily connected with the brand.

So based on the industry you serve, you have to carefully choose the colours and graphics that will help your customers to recognize and recall your brand.

4. Involve Your Customers

Your brand is what your customers perceive it to be, so speak to your customer and involve them in establishing your brand. Ask them questions like how they identify your brand and incorporate their views into your brand building program. If your customers identify your brand with your customer friendly service or quality products you offer, then build on those factors to further establish your brand identity.

5. Educate Your Employees About Your Brand

Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand. If you are a storefront, employees are the ones who are going to meet your customers. So, you should make sure that all your employees understand what your brand stands for, your business mission and your customer relationship process. When the employees are educated about the brand, they will establish your brand to the customers with confidence.

6. Use Social Media To Establish Your Brand Identity

The identity of a brand improves when it’s visible, so you should not hesitate to promote your brand where your customers hang out. Social media now being one of the best platforms to reach out customers of all ages, you should take all possible steps to make your brand visible in social media.

You can create a Facebook page, Instagram account, be active in Twitter to establish your brand identity. Apart from establishing the brand identity, having your presence in social media will help your customers to reach you with ease.


Brand identity plays an important factor in establishing a brand and how a brand is recognized by its customers. So, one should make sure that your brand establishment plan has all the essential factors to establish a brand in a right way.

Here at Evox, we strongly believe that a brand is established when all its core values are incorporated into its brand building program. Contact us to build a strong brand identity for your business in Dubai.

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