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  /  Design   /  15 Tips Website Design Agencies Should Follow To Improve Your User Interface (UI)

Every professional agency that does web design in Dubai can tell you that to build a website with a gorgeous, efficient UI takes a lot of time and painstaking attention to detail. The purpose of a user interface is to make your website look amazing, make it more intuitive to the user, and add to the overall User Experience (UX.) 

A website with a beautiful interface does wonders for your brand – it creates positive brand awareness, memorably presents your brand identity creating brand recall, and it converts visitors into customers. 

It is advisable to keep your branding agency in Dubai involved with your web design project, and even better if they can offer a full-scope service and help you apply your branding on the digital platforms.

Many web development companies in Dubai get so caught up in deadlines that they overlook the importance of finer details which make the UI stand out among the competition. A keen designer’s eye is needed to spot all the little ways that will elevate your new website. 

Here are some small tips your website design company should follow to enhance your UI:

1. Typesetting CTA’s

Your Call-To-Action buttons are such a crucial part in the user’s activity on your website. You want them to click on the tabs and be directed accordingly. However, many web design agencies don’t put too much focus on them. 

Some common mistakes include the text that isn’t aligned properly, often placed too high or too low on the button instead of the centre. One should always set the type using the uppercase letters as a guide. It seems like a tiny thing, but it makes the UI look more polished and balanced to the eye. 

2. Use contrast to accentuate

To direct your visitor’s focus the way that benefits your business, a smart use of contrast can make a world of difference. 

When you have headlines, subheadings, the body of text, CTA’s and other typography, it is wise to decide what needs to pop (headings and CTA’s though in different ways) and what needs to compliment those elements. You can play with two different brand colours, or combine different shades on a grayscale. You also need to set a few different standard font sizes and apply “bold” or “italics” appropriately to signify the ranking between different parts of copy, making it easier to read. Don’t overdo it and apply it consistently, in line with your brand guidelines, but this is an unparalleled way to help your visitors easily focus on your content.

3. Use colour effectively

Colour is an effective way to focus users’ attention on important elements and CTA’s. Colour is also a crucial part of your brand identity that helps create brand recall. 

Few simple tricks about how to use colours is that warm tones are usually bright and naturally attract the eye. When combining warm and cold tones, place warm tones inside the cold ones to get the effect that they’re popping out, while cold elements on the warm background seem to withdraw.

4. Embrace the white space

Leaving just enough white space between different elements on your website not only makes it look clean and balanced, it also allows every segment to shine. It makes the website easier to comprehend and navigate.

Even small-scale formatting such as spacings between paragraphs in a copy makes the content more enjoyable to go through.

5. Define your elements

Using Multiple Drop Shadows or subtle borders around certain elements helps them appear sharp and clear. It makes them pop out in a very neat way that also looks very balanced and modern on the page.

Just make sure to be very subtle with this, you don’t want muddy shadows or too much distraction. 

6. Link padding

The clickable area of a link usually just includes the width of the text. Increasing this area is very beneficial and you can do it by adding padding or converting the link into a block element, which makes it easier for the user to click on the link and get directed.

7. Combining typefaces

Most people hear that you should use about two typefaces on your website. But that isn’t necessarily right. 

Using a single typeface can create a strong brand presence and consistency, while using several typefaces can be playful and visually attractive, especially for the creative industry.

8. Font size

Make sure your content is readable, even in longer form. Many website designers make a mistake of picking very small fonts for the body copy. 

We believe that for most typefaces, body copy of about 20pts is easily readable and noticeable without being overwhelmingly huge. 

9. Tracking

Typography addicts can feel a bit inhibited by web design due to the fact they are limited to using web fonts – although many of your favourite fonts have their web doppelgangers, it’s not the same. However, your website design agency has a great deal of control when it comes to the look and feel of your website typography. 

Tracking means spacing between letters in words and should be given some thought to. A graphic designer or a website designer with a good taste can use it to dramatically improve the look of headlines and subheadings, and make the text more readable in smaller sizes. Your users will perceive the aesthetically pleasing effect even if most laymen won’t be able to identify what is causing it – which is exactly why you need to work with a professional website design agency in Dubai. 

10. Darken up the text on bright background

Some designers love low contrast and thin fonts, but the copy sometimes seems to disappear on light backgrounds. 

Prioritize readability. Even subtle darkening of the text can achieve a lot without having to make it heavy and dark. 

11. Shadow/gradient consistency

If you are using gradients or “shadows” around some buttons and icons, make sure they are consistent. The idea is that if you’re pretending there is a light source creating this shadow, then it needs to create it consistently on all elements.

12. Subtle overlays

To help your copy pop on the images you selected, you can use simple and subtle overlay. A slight change in tone can make a big difference. 

Make sure to stay consistent and use similar tones and shades on all images that serve a similar purpose. The more consistency between different elements the better. 

13. Custom input focus

Forms are often treated as a sidenote by busy web development companies who simply go for the default. But considering that a form is a space visitors use to actively engage with you, making it prettier or more aligned with the style of your website helps your UI and encourages the users to engage. 

Website developers can customize and style the input form fields to make them look more appealing and pop on the page.

14. Automatic cursor focus

Your website probably features a lot of forms, whether they are search or input, which invite your users to submit some data. It might be beneficial to use JavaScript which allows you to automatically focus the user’s cursor on the input field of the form when the website loads. It influences the user’s behaviour and leads to more input than regular forms. 

A website development agency you’re working with should know the right codes for small tricks like these, which is why we encourage website designers to constantly research and observe interesting features.

15. Use verbs on button labels

This small trick is a good way to save the user some time and get a more enjoyable experience with your UI. When a message pops up on your website, don’t make the user read the whole message to be able to understand which button to press, if the button labels say simply “Yes” or “No”. 

By bringing the verb to the button labels – e.g. “Save”/”Don’t Save”/”Skip”, all the info is there and the user feels empowered to decide right away. It sounds minuscule but users are in a much better mood the less inconvenienced they feel on your website, and that affects their overall perception of your business. 


Working with a professional website design & development agency in Dubai is very important because when it comes to your UI, the magic is in the details. Small elements like CTA’s, forms, tracking and subtle shading can make all the difference between an average website and an aesthetically pleasing, balanced and effective site that stands out. 

Hiring a full-scope advertising agency is the best way to make sure your website is beautiful and tied to your brand. 

Once your website is set, you should start investing in digital marketing in Dubai

Start with a great social media marketing strategy to promote your website, and hire an expert SEO company in Dubai to make it come on top of every search engine. 

You will have a work of art to be proud of. 

Contact us to talk more about your website requirements. They will work with you on your branding, web development, serve as an SEO agency, and help you manage and advertise on your social media channels. Having one agency to manage all will make sure you have a solid strategy and every new step builds perfectly on the previous effort.

Start empowering your brand now and get in touch to consult about your website and the best social media strategy for your brand.