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A professional agency doing website design in Dubai won’t just create a stunning website, it will also make sure your website is fully suited to further your business objectives. Generating leads & building a contact database is immensely important for many businesses. 

A frequently updated email list is a great way to create a community and build an ongoing relationship with your potential customers, upsell, and more, regardless of the industry you’re in. 

Most websites will have a contact or a subscribe form, but little to motivate the user to go that extra mile. A great UX design directs users’ behaviors to achieve objectives beneficial for the business. A good website development agency will build a website that achieves just that, and our long experience doing website development in Dubai gave us some good tips we’re happy to share.

1. File Download

A very simple and convenient lead generation method is using a PDF download on your website. It can be your company’s case study or a brochure, or even something as simple as a checklist. You can even take it a step further and make it extra beneficial for your clients, such as providing them with a template, a calendar, a social media schedule and similar collaterals.

Ideally, the collateral or template will give visitors an idea of your paid offers and demonstrate your professional know-how.

A homepage or a landing page is the best place to place the downloadable content, although other pages might be very suitable as well depending on the content – free e-books are a great offer you can use to enhance your blogs and turn your readers into new leads.

Make sure to add a form that the user needs to fill out before downloading. Make the form simple and ask only essential questions. Pro tip: develop the functionality so that the material is sent to the user’s email address, ensuring you get functional email contacts.

2. Offer Free Consultation

For service-oriented businesses, offering one-on-one consultation is a great way to interact with your clients. You can do it via phone or video chat, and help with a simple issue. In the end, the customers will be more likely to want to continue working with you. 

Use your homepage or landing page to display a CTA inviting users to schedule a consultation. Many will appreciate it and be happy to fill out a simple form if that provides them with needed assistance. This approach is great because it establishes trust and makes the brand more personal. 

The only thing to consider here is whether the business can allocate trained staff to handle this. A digital marketing agency can also provide these services for you in a professional manner.

3. Quizzes

Quizzes are super fun, popular, and frequently shared on social media. They make the website more interactive and let your audience engage with your brand while having a fun user experience. 

It also gives you a unique ability to learn more about your audience while generating leads and collecting data from everyone who takes them. 

They are also great for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when shared via Facebook or other social media platforms.

4. Surveys

Very similar to the before-mentioned quizzes, they are an even more detailed way to gather valuable data for marketing and help improve your digital marketing strategy while making the user feel their voice is heard and their opinion matters. 

You’ll get to grow your database in a meaningful way and improve your offers as you go.

5. Free Trial & Demo

Nothing will make users more inclined to fill a form and share their details with your company than direct benefit. This is especially useful for software companies since most customers want a trial period before they feel safe to purchase a product. A free trial can last from 7 to 30 days ideally, and will provide you with the users’ information, enabling you to contact them at a later time even if they didn’t end up buying the product.

If they were potentially interested but didn’t end up converting, a reminder can convert them, or perhaps your future offers will be more in line with what they are looking for. 

A demo works similarly to a free trial and can offer a walkthrough of the product or even a video call (similar to free consultations). 

Both of these options provide users with hands-on experience and increase trust in your brand. They also present no risk to your company, as you aren’t wasting any money or time that could come from having to cancel running offers.

6. Competitions

A super fun way to generate leads is through competitions and challenges. Perhaps you can ask a question and offer a prize for the best answer, or request the users to send you photos or videos of your product. The prize should be related to your offer, a great discount or a free sample. This will attract the audience that is interested in your products and services, and possibly convert them down the line.

These also increase social engagement as the participants can easily be encouraged to share the competition details (it can even be part of the challenge), thereby giving your website exposure.

7. Lead Generation Tools

Your web developer can advise you on which tools to use for lead generation, but some to keep in mind are Gravity Forms, a powerful form builder plugin made for WordPress websites that will enable you to create creative contact forms, quizzes, surveys, registrations and other things mentioned before. MailOptin is a good WordPress plugin that creates awesome CTA buttons. 

HubSpot is also great for surveys and lead capture forms, and it also allows you to target your new contacts with emailer campaigns.

8. Utilize high-traffic pages

Aside from your homepage, you might have other high traffic pages that get a lot of visitors through your social media marketing, emailers, or blog posts. By running analytics, you can identify such pages on your website and add appealing CTAs to them that will ensure that your visitors share their details with you for your database. 

Make sure your offers are related to the page they are on though, not to confuse your visitors.

9. Live Chat

Users appreciate live chat services, so much in fact that these are becoming the leading digital content method and a major lead generator. Don’t miss out!

By installing live chat on the pages where people might need assistance or information you will be able to gather insight about your client’s product needs while providing them with great customer support.

10. Dynamic Content

Dynamic content means that each visitor on your website can get a tailored user experience, which can be reflected in the type of imagery, product options and buttons they see. For example, they can be welcomed back on your website with a message using their name instead of a generic greeting – this personal touch does wonders for the users’ enjoyment of your website. 

Personalized CTAs convert over 40% more visitors than the standard ones. This alone makes dynamic content a very important UX feature in 2021.


There are many creative ways through which you can use your website to get leads, and so there is no reason to cut corners and go with generic, standard content. When working with a website design & development agency, make sure they pay attention to this and advise you on these and similar solutions that engage the user and convince them to give you their details. 

Don’t forget that once you have leads, you need to nurture those contacts through follow up and thank you emails, loyalty programmes and special offers. 

If you do it right, your website will allow you to build a vibrant and growing database filled with relevant contacts, soon to be loyal customers. 

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