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  /  Design   /  10 Best AI Tools Used By Designers in 2023

2023 is a year blessed with numerous AI-powered tools which tend to become potential aids in different fields with the advent of the significant progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Especially in the field of art and creativity, humans will soon be replaced by those who are well-acquainted with the AI tools prevalent in the market.

These easy-to-use AI graphic design tools help to efficiently improve and accelerate the workflow by autogenerating unique and multiple types of amazing visual assets according to our needs, preferences, and inputs.

The top 10 picks from the list by the designers to level up their design skills and to simplify their jobs are


Mid-Journey – Art Generative Tool

Our command in words simply gives the necessary output in no time. With no human involvement, this unbelievable team is exploring new avenues of challenges in the field of art and creativity. The real wonder lies in the fact that:


    • We get to see the actual results within just 60 seconds.
    • That too with different options to choose from.

    Adobe Sensei

    This newly integrated AI-powered tool enriches the Adobe Suite by making use of AI and machine learning, thereby autogenerating different layouts, font style suggestions etc. to create high-quality designs effortlessly which in turn help us to:

      • Organize and manage creative assets.
      • Reduce manual efforts.
      • Increase overall productivity.
      • Make better and informed real-time business decisions.
      • Give personalized customer experiences to yield better results.


    This AI-powered design assistant helps us create website interfaces, web and mobile apps in no time by converting hand-drawn sketches into a product prototype. Its unique features which help to democratize design amongst both designers and non-designers are:

      • Drag-and-drop components.
      • Digital product wireframing.
      • Personalized templates
      • Real-time design collaboration


    This is unique option that helps us designing new websites by creating source codes based on a user-uploaded image. With more that 20 years if front-end experience, it makes use of 11 technology products and services including HTML5 and Google Analytics.

      • It autogenerates clean, speed-optimized and accessible HTML CSS code based on our draft, an uploaded image of our webpage design.
      • The output webpages can be modified using its online UI editor.

    Wix ADI

    This AI website building platform creates custom websites based on our objectives, preferences, and the input that we give such as personalized information, features we need on our website, colours, logos, texts and images.

      • We can even use Wix Editor for further steps of customization.
      • It also enables you to add elements, pages and integrate apps to the website.


    This incredible AI-powered tool makes use of advanced algorithms to analyze millions of images and autogenerate unique colour combinations solely based on user prompts, which is something that never ceases to amaze us.

      • Firstly, we have to choose a set of 50 colours to automatically generate a personalized list of colour combinations.
      • We can view them as colour gradient, colour palette, typography, and image.
      • We can search and filter new colour options, unlimited combinations and viewing options.
      • We can even upload our own custom images to test the colours on them.

    Foyr Neo

    If you are looking for an AI-powered and device agnostic software to save hours of design time by creating and customizing 3D interior designs rather quickly from a set of predefined templates and design elements, in accordance with our project-specific requirements, Foyr Neo is the ideal choice.

      • It supports multiple formats like 3D view, 3D image with details such as building material, paint colour, room layout, space planning and much more.
      • It offers a 14-day free trial version to all users, after which we can choose to avail a monthly subscription based on our personal experience.

    Looka Logo Maker

    It helps us to instantly and effectively create professional logo designs based on our business objectives, industry in which we aim to flourish, and other specifications that we share as our input.

      • We can guide the tool by fixing our industry of operation to finalize the theme.
      • Then we need to choose suitable symbols of our choice for the logo.
      • Finally, we get to pick a logo from many options either to download it as it is or to customize it according to our taste.

    Deep Art Effects

    It is an AI-powered image-processing tool that helps us transform the images that we have in hand into a remarkable piece of art by auto-identifying a suitable art style and applying it to the image.

      • We need to simply upload the image of our choice in order to turn it into a masterpiece.
      • We can personalize any given template, as per our needs by choosing any one from a set of more than 120 art styles available.


    This easy-to-use AI-based image editing tool provides us with a wide range of filters and editing tools which help us quickly enhance our input images, remove backgrounds, and more. It does so many functions such as:

      • AI enhancing
      • Upscaling
      • Sharpening
      • Denoising
      • Removing Background
      • Old Photo Repair & Colourization

    It is quite interesting to see how the world evolves around us simplifying human efforts and broadening human experience. Let’s adopt the best and adapt to the changing environment so as to capacitate ourselves to be well-equipped and more competent.


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